Wednesday, November 2, 2011

brierpatch cats ...

 One of my Sweeties colleagues has a habitat where she keeps throw away cats.  I have a link to her blog on my side bar ...Brierpatch Cats
Sadly there are too many cats and dogs that are neglected, abused and just tossed out.   Our Willie and Wynona were left in a shoe box before their eyes were even opened.  Wailin' was a starving throw away and Wynnette as well.
Most people around here think nothing of dumping an unwanted animal on the side of the road or in the swamp.   They will not pay to have the animals neutered.   The so called animal shelter that we have here is not taking any animals.  There is no animal control.   While there is a leash law it is not enforced.   One of my Sweeties office kittys was attacked by two bull dogs and torn apart.   It saddens me that people are so heartless towards creatures we should be protecting.
I admire Sandy for stepping up and taking care of as many of these throw aways as she can.  You can read about this little sweetie on her blog.
I realize money is tight but if there is any room in your budget for a dollar or two  to send her it would go a long way.  She pays for this out of her own pocket and what few donations she is able to receive. 
She is also selling a calendar to help pay for food etc.
Brierpatch Cats

Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate you.


Creative Wings Boutique said...

I hate when people neglect there animals....

C'est moi Claudette said...

Gosh Francie
I've been trying to comment here for the last few days now. I'm sorry.
You know I also rescue cats and dogs in need of a forever home, so when I read these horrible things about stupid people, it just angers me to no end.
Your friend from Brierpatch Cats, love the name btw, sound like my kind of girl after my heart.
I will go over and see if I can send money from Canada to her site.
Thank you for posting this Francie.
I love ya

Kathy said...

We have the same problem in our little town, except no animal control ordinances here! They say it costs too much. We adopted three cats with our neighbors - are caring for my son's dog and we have one of our own. Our son's dog stays outside - she is in heat - we let her into the side porch - in a pen - last Sunday morning a stray dog had broken into the side porch and was trying to get at her - we called the police - she said there was nothing she could do. Soooo sad! Could have been dangerous for me too!
Your friend is great!!!!

sbo said...