Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Small Project...Big Results

A while ago I found this small's a foot and a half wide and just over two feet long. I really needed more space on top and more places to put things...I have lots of "things" like nail polish, eye shadow, blush etc. So off I went to one of my favorite stores, Lowe's. I found a board a foot and a half wide and four feet long. I whitewashed it, then stenciled the ferns on it and finished with a coat of poly. I took the small center drawer and covered it with batting, then material and then I hot glued the trim around it. Next I hot glued fabric around the board, leaving an opening for the drawer, and then hot glued trim around it. Now I had room to roll a plastic cart with drawers underneath each side...plenty of drawer storage and hidden out of sight. Easy peasy. Now I have the space on top I need and it was all done without doing anything to the original vanity except covering the drawer front. The only tools needed were a glue gun and scissors.
The plaid fabric is from a sheet and the shoe fabric was a remnant. You don't have to be able to use any tools to make changes that can make a big impact...but being able to use tools is a good thing. Every Tuesday my friend Jenny, the Art Lady etc. is giving a tutorial on tools and how to use them. Even if you don't plan on using tools it's always a good thing to know something about them. You may even gain the confidence to use them and then you can take on almost any project!
My wish for you: may all your projects be easy and make a big difference.


Aunt T said...

WOW! What a great project. You certainly are an inspiration. It looks lovely.


Angie said...

That is so cute! I just love it when we can create something beautiful for little $$.

Feel free to announce my tuffet give-away on your blog.

Sharon@C'est Chouette said...

fabu! Daaaarling!

Vallen said...

Very good thinking!!! I love the transformation!!! Let me go see what I can enlarge now!

OldBagNewTricks said...

WOW, darlingproject -- veddy, veddy cute. And what a nice wish -- the nicest of all -- that lal our projects be easy... and make a big impact. That would be about as good as it gets.


Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hello Francie,
What a cute vanity and very creative too. I love it... you did a great job and seemed like you had fun too.

Rhoda said...

Francie, that is just the cutest transformation. You're very creative!

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PG said...

That is a nice wish, I am not very confident about this kind of project, cushions are about my limit. I am so impressed by this!