Rewiring a pink rosebud Lamp ...

I love old lamps.  I can't resist them, like most things they just don't make 'em like they usedta.  Usually they need a bit of TLC, along with a good cleaning a new cord and lampshade.
Several ladies have said they would like to know how to re-wire a lamp so I decided to show how I do it.

Cords are fairly easy to replace, finding the right lampshade is the difficult part for me.   Since I buy so many old lamps I use extension cords to re-wire. I like that I can get them white or green and in different lengths.
  I am not suggesting you do this, I'm just sayin' it's what I  use.  You can buy replacement cords in a hardware store for about seven dollars.  
I wanted to replace this old brown cord with a white one.


After you have your lamp cord, gather your tools. You will need wire strippers, wire cutters and a flat blade screwdriver.    

If you have a harp and finial remove them and set aside.  Then grasp the socket base in one hand and the socket shell/cover in the other, squeeze the shell/cover and pull up.  It should come right off.  Set the shell/
cover aside.

You can now pull the socket up along with the old cord...the cord may need some encouragement from the bottom, just push and wiggle.  You will see a screw on each side of the socket with wire going to each one.
Using a flat blade screwdriver turn the screws enough to release the wire. ( Remember, Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty ) this on each side and set the socket aside.   Once that is done use the wire cutters to cut below the old Underwriters knot in the can see this knot just below the socket.  This will make it easier for you to pull the old wire out from the bottom which is the next step.  If your lamp is extremely tall or long, tie a long strong piece of string or twine on the end of it before pulling it out of the lamp ... then you can tie it to the end of the replacement cord to help pull it through to the top of the lamp.

Get your extension cord ready to put into the lamp by cutting off the end ... remember I'm not telling you to use an extension cord, I'm just showing you what I do. :))

Next push your new cord up the lamp base until you have enough to grasp at the top. If it's a tall or long base this is where the string going through the base and tied on the new end will come in handy.  For this lamp I didn't need it.   Pull out enough cord to work with comfortably.

Now we are going to tie our own Underwriter's knot. Don't skip this step, it's important.  It will keep your wire from pulling out if someone trips over the cord.and is a safety measure.  First pull apart the cord so you have two pieces about 3" to 4"  long. You may need to use the wire cutters to cut in the center rib down about an inch to make it easy to pull the wire sides apart.  Take one piece and loop it in front of itself. 

Take the other piece and put it through the loop and pull until it's snug.  Now take the piece you just pulled through, loop it in front of itself and pull the other piece through it .. grab both ends and pull until snug.
Congratulations you have just made an Underwriter's Knot !!!

This is how your Underwriter's Knot should look. Now pull the cord down from the bottom of the lamp until the knot is snug against the socket base.
Now set the socket on the socket base, (you didn't 
forget where you put it did  you? ummm either),     fold the wire over one screw terminal... you don't want it too short or too long, about 1/2" is just right, cut with wire cutters, do this to each side just getting the length you need .                                                                    
Now take the wire strippers and strip off that 1/2" of covering that is over the wire.  It should be about 18 gauge marked on the wire stripper.  You may need to squeeze, then turn the stripper and squeeze the other side of the wire covering to cut through it, then holding the wire in one hand and the strippers firmly in the other pull the wire covering off the wire.   You will see a bunch of pretty little copper wires.
Now if you haven't noticed before, one side of the wire cover is ribbed and one side is smooth. You will wrap the smooth side to the brass screw terminal and the ribbed side to the silver.  Be sure none of the little wires are cut shorter than the others (this is one reason for the wire strippers).  I usually take and curl them first, then place them over the screw, making sure they are all wrapped around and neatly tucked in before tightening the screw.
Set the socket into the base, pull gently on the cord from the bottom to snug it up, replace the socket cover snugly as well.   VIE OH LAH !!!  You have replaced a cord.  And after finding the right lamp shade ... have a beautiful, probably one of a kind, lamp.
       Thanks for stopping by ... hope this tutorial has helped you.  I will be linking up with Beverly's   Pink Saturday, hope to see you there.  Thanks for your sweet comments and ya'll com back soon (())                          


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MosaicMagpie said…
I too use an extension cord for replacing frayed old wires in lamps. Once you take the lamp apart and clean it, then reassemble with a new cord, you get such a feeling of accomplishment not to mention a great looking lamp. Good Job!
Your a genius! I have rewired many lamps as I have a booth, but I have never thought of using an extension cord...why did that never dawn on me!! I can pick them up at thrift stores for 25 cents! I have always taken the wires from old lamps or lamps I see on the curb, now I will just pick them up when I see them at the thrift stores!!! Thank you!

Debbie said…
FANTASTIC post! I have wanted to learn how to do that, and I can follow your steps. (I think anyway. If not, it's the fault of these butter fingers and not your instructions.) I really like the tip about using extension cords.

Keeping this post in my file folder.
Good tutorial! I have a lamp that needs this, so will save your post in my file folder for next week's project. Thanks!
Beverly said…
Happy Pink Saturday, Francie.

This is a great tutorial. I managed a hardware store for my father many years ago, and I learned how to rewire lamps then.

Your "new" lamp looks so pretty.
Marydon said…
I don't have a clue what hubby uses, but it sure is nice when he is done. Love that lamp, Francie.

Happy PS weekend ~
Jori said…
Awesome! I was wondering how to do that! :)
Thx so much for a detailed explanation. Da Hubs does mine, WHEN he has the time. This makes me feel like my waiting is over. I think I can do this.


Good work, congrats


I have a darling lamp of a southern belle and her switch is slowly fading, so, thanks to you I am going to try to rewire her and put on a new switch! And, I am going to use an extension cord as I want the cord to be white. Thank You for a well written tutorial!
dana said…
WOW!!!! I am so impressed with your tutorial!!!! I have always been afraid to tackle a project like that. I think you just gave a whole lot of us confidence to rewire lamps!! AWESOME POST!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Olivia said…
Wow! This is so cool, I would probably mess this all up, but maybe I will get brave. Thanks for sharing.
Cindy Adkins said…
Hi Francie,
Thanks so much for visiting!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!
Thank you for showing us how to re-wire---wow!!
Robin said…
Oh are so very clever.
I love your rosebud lamp.

...and to think of all those antique and retro lamps I passed up because of frayed and broken cords.

Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.
Honey at 2805 said…
Thanks for the detailed, easy to follow instructions. The lamp is cute. I have just become a friend and follower too!
Ewa said…
great work, I wouldn't do it myself, I would leave it to my partner :)
have a lovely weekend!
suesueb said…
What a great tutorial! I need to rewire a couple of lamps from my mom and this will surely help. Your comment on the "lotteaux" really made me smile this morning!! Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a beautiful pink weekend!
Great tutorial, well done. Hopping over from Pink Saturday. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs
Jeanie said…
I'm so glad you posted this -- I have a lamp that needs this kind of attention and I didn't have a clue -- I was debating if I should give it a toss. Maybe now I'll give it a try! HPS!
mercedes scott said…
I've always been a bit intimidated by "re-wiring" because it seemed so difficult... your tutorial is easy to follow and I think I can actually do this! Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Pink Saturday!
mercedes scott said…
Me again.... forgot to include my blog....
jeanne said…
Hi Francie, This tutorial was great. I am sure I can do this. Pretty lamp too. I also enjoyed your white post. Thank you for your sweet comment.

Happy Pink Sat.
Hugs, Jeanne
Kathy said…
You've done a marvelous job illustrating this and taking us step by step - I love your use of extension cords - very clever!
Thanks for sharing - have a couple of candidates I may try!
Sarah said…
Great, thorough tutorial! Thanks for visiting me for Pink Saturday!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Sares said…
This is a great tutorial! I always wondered how to do this and have resisted buying certain lamps because they need rewired. Have a great weekend!
KarenSue said…
I did it! And the extention cord idea is great...Thanks, I think you did this for me!!
Leann said…
Cool - great info and tutorial. Seems fairly easy with your knowledge I may have to give it a try on an old lamp upstairs.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!
Very pretty lamp and absolutely worth the work to are so clever!
gail said…
Hi Francie,,, I actually have always wanted to know how to rewire a lamp..thx for the info :)

I hope you and the family, including furry kids, are having a great summer! Its hot and dry as dust in the desert, but that is normal for us.

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) I am doing better each day, so I am happy. Its slow going and would like to be good as new already, but thats gonna take awhile! Take care and Happy Creating
Daniella said…
So sorry it's taken me so long to get to you!! My internet went out Friday night, and didn't come back until last night!!
I love that lamp!! I can see why you would re-wire it!! And thank you for the tutorial!!
Michella Marie said…
Awesome post!! I need to bookmark this one!! I have a million lamps that need to be rewired :))
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! Sorry it has taken so long to get back around to visit yours!
Your newest follower,
Char said…
Francie, Wow, I never knew and always wondered. What a genius you are and an extension cord?!! That is the best.
Thanks for stopping by, Char
lynne said…
Great tutorial! It was explained really well. Just make sure that the extension cord that you buy is not too wide or it won't fit up through the lamp base. My old cord was just under 1/4" wide and the extension cord that I bought was almost twice as wide.
Patty Antle said…
I just brought an old lamp home and wondered how to do this. Thank you!