Quick and EASY NO SEW Rosette Tutorial

While working on my rosettes for the swap I thought I would show ya'll a very easy no sew way to make them.

You will need double edge wired ribbon, glue, scissors and a small bit of felt.

Cut felt into approx 1" circle. Cut ribbon into one 9" length and one 12" length.  Holding one ribbon edge between the thumb and forefinger, take the 9" length and gently ease the wire by pushing down the ribbon with the other thumb and forefinger until you get approx. 1" of the wire out.   Fold the wire down 1/2"...do this on both ends on each side so the wire won't slide down into the ribbon.  Then you will gently push the ribbon down from both ends of one side as far as you can, then tie and pull the wire to form a circle. Repeat with the other side of the ribbon.                                

   Your ribbon will look like this after you have pulled the first wire.       
Pull the second wire together just like you did the first side, tie it ...pull the wire through the small hole to the back, leaving one in the front if you want to attach a bead or pearl to it.  Repeat this with the 12" length pulling all the wires to the back.
Once your have both lengths pulled and tied, add your bead or pearl to the smaller rosette, slip the bead on the wire and then pull the wire through to the back, place the rosette on top of the larger one, pull the wires through the hole in the larger one, tie them off.  Clip them to about 2" at this time, wind them in a small circle and flatten them down.   Add glue around the felt and smush it over the wire and onto the rosette.  VIE OH LAH ! 

You can cut the lengths longer if you like..experimenting is the fun part ! I am having SUCH a TIME with this "new" way of adding photos and text ... I have "lost" the photos and text three times !  So, if you have any questions for me please email me or ask them here and I will be happy to try and explain it better...I'm afraid to try to clarify in this post because I don't want to lose it all again (())


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Debbie said…
Thank you for a great tutorial Francie! Rosettes are one of the crafts I haven't tried yet but I may have to give these a try. Hope you are staying cool this summer.

A great and easy way to make roses, i will definitely try this one! Great Job, I have done that before, lost a whole post YYIIKKES!!
BLISS angels said…
Francie, read your post and LOL all I can say is great minds think alike... I am doing some of mine differant I'v only done ten so I don't mind changing I can use these on my tree at home...I other idea came from my blog so you can tell it is FAERIES...you weren't thinking Faeries were you because if you say YES they we must me long lost twin sisters HA HA Hugs Wendy email me and show me yours I want to see them...That's too funny
OMG!! Thoses are adorable!! And such an easy to follow tutorial! Will def be trying these
Yay! I tried it. A little bit. At least enough to see that one side would turn under for me. Now I want to make me some!
Those are so sweet. I've seen some roses in blogland and have wanted to make some. Thanks for showing me how...now to remember how!
Awesome I will do it! I am grabbing the button too!
Anonymous said…
Francie these are so very pretty!! Great tutorial and I love the color of the ribbon you used. Very old world looking!!
Hope your having a great weekend! I am taking a break from picking choke cherries to make jam!

bee blessed
mya said…
Thank you, so that's how you make them. Your directions were very clear.
Hey Francie, I just don't follow written directions very well. Can you come on over and show me how to make those charming rosettes? :)
I got my rosette the other day from my partner. Not to tell what it is but I can't wait to "wear" it this fall. Hehe.....xoxo
P.s. Forgot to say I grabbed your new button. It will go on my new Nest Page. :)
Francie, thanks for stopping, that was one thing I was going to add to my post about renting space in an antiques mall was the distance from your home. I think it is so much easier if you live close, I can see why you gave it up. Besides the theft you have to include all the stuff that gets broken. I still do OK and enjoy it so much. It is just a lot easier for me than the online store.

Stopping in to say hi to a sorority sister. I'm glad I stopped on this post. I've been wanting to learn how to make these with ribbon. Very pretty! Thanks!

Tracy Suzanne said…
Hi Francie. It's so nice to meet you. Jacksonville is only 90 miles from you? Where in GA are you? Brunswick, Waycross or somewhere in between? Old age is not for the meek is it? Watching her leaves me with such fears of growing old and not dying peacefully sooner, like my parents. For years it pained me to the point of being envious and jealous of those who grew up to middle age and still had their Moms and even Grandmas. Now I see that blessing come in different forms and am grateful they at least never suffered with health issues, though they were way to young (early and mid 60's). Thank you for your prayers and big heart. You and your family will be in mine too.

Love and hugs...Tracy :)
Tracy Suzanne said…
I got so busy on one subject that I didn't even get to tell you how much I like your blog. I'm your newest follower and look forward to finding more time to come back and visit. I love tutorials. I was made a flower out of pink ribbon exactly like this the other day for the tote in my giveaway. This would have come in so handy. I love your flower.

ooxx's...Tracy :)
Very great idea for all that wire edge ribbon I have laying around. Thanks for the tutorial, and thanks for joining in on the Fall Intrigues basket swap. That should get you going!
agypsyangel said…
That is such a wonderful tutorial I have to try that. I honestly have just started trying to decorate and make it cute. I just have been using pale pink and I guesss burgandy. But if that would go with then maybe I should hang it up. Honestly, thank you so much for the help. I need help :)
However I must get some pale pink wire ribbon and try these. Thank you :)
I love this rose tutorial, you make everything look so easy!