Quick and easy trees...and an offer

Carol, The Polka Dot Closet, recently posted about making doily trees...a wonderful shabby idea with lots of room for creativity...visit here The Polka Dot Closet  to see her beautiful creation and get instructions.   this reminded me that when we lived in Pensacola we used to go to Mobile to a trim warehouse and we would
 find wonderful lace trims and paper cones... we would use these to make trees for table decorations too.  Here are two made for a baby shower (little girl expected of course!)  But you could use them to make Christmas trees too.  The nice thing about using lace or ribbon is you can pin it to see how it looks before you commit to adhering permanently.  Then embellish with pearls, roses ... well
with whatever you please!
If you can find the clear cones used for making treetop angels (Wally used to have them) it makes it easier.  You can also decoupage them with a base paper.  Thank you
Carol for a new idea and the reminder !
Now for my blog followers, I have ONE of these beautiful shabby, pink, delicious Christmas tea cups that I am offering to you as a candle for $14.99 which includes shipping !  With your choice of scent , cinnamon or chamomile...Be the first to comment that yes, you want it.  I will send you a Paypal request for the funds and then once paid it will be on it's way to you.   If no one wants it I will list it on the web shop Friday.    Be blessed and bee sweet !


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Hi Sweet Francie!

I have been meaning to visit you sooner. It's been nutty around here..lol Hope you are doing great. Love that shabby tree! How adorable. And you know how much I love pink. She did a beautiful job. Also love that cup! Where do you find them? So pretty. Hope your day is happy. So much to do today. xoxo

Janet's Creative Pillows
Very cute francie!
love the pink flowers!
Debbie said…
Did I miss a doily tree in my week long blog absence? I need to skedaddle over there.

Yours are really beautiful! I love the idea and wouldn't have ever thought of it.
Thanks for the shout out! Trim is great too, also fabric under lace or crochet will peek through. I forgot to mention that i did use a couple pins to keep it folding where I liked, it is easy to do with a styrofoam base. Francie, you're right the possibilities are unlimited!

Thank you,
Tracy Suzanne said…
I almost forgot I love your cute teacup and that tree is cute too.
marie said…
Hi Francie,
I wanted to pop over and say thank you for my beautiful Matchbox #1! I love it! Hope you enjoy your matchboxes too!
Hey Francie, I have a tree somewhere out in the million boxes in the Christmas shed that I made out of ribbons years and years ago. Maybe it's time to bring it out. :) xoxo No airport searches for me. I am going in the nekkid machine. :)
Anonymous said…
This was really interesting. I loved reading it
Anonymous said…
terima kasih amigo! besar posting!