Wanna make some fake Caramel apples for fall?

Well, if you don't.... stop reading ... but please come back and visit again !  If you do, gather together a few supplies.  You will need: 
fake styrofoam apples (you should have some of these left over from the 90's, or raid your mama's house)
wooden skewers or you can use candy sticks
white craft glue
a small plastic cup
craft paint ... I used gloss, in gold and brown
If you want to cut your apples in half you will also need
 a utility knife, a larger smooth or finely serrated knife
scissors and a pair of wire cutters to cut the skewers
Hold a skewer up next to your apple, decide how long you want the stick to be and then cut them to size.  Remove the apple stem, it should pull right out.  Push the skewer pointy end all the way down into the apples.
Pour glue into the small plastic cup...amount will depend on how many apples you are going to do, you can start with about 1/4 of the cup, tint it with the paint mixing with a skewer until you have a caramelly color

At this point I cut the plastic cup down, but if you use an empty pudding cup etc. you can skip this altogether.  Now using the skewer you stirred with, pour some of the mixture onto the top of an apple.  Using the skewer you can put more mixture on and form it onto the apple, if you put a lot on it will drip by itself but I like to have a bit of control and you don't want it to puddle a lot on the bottom...or maybe you do ! 
It will take 3 to 4 (or more or less depending on weather conditions) hours for the "caramel" coating to dry enough to lay the apples on their side so any that has pooled at the bottom can dry too OR you can wipe it off the bottom using a damp paper towel.  I wiped mine off.  Let sit for a while longer and VIE OH LAH you have caramel candy apples!!!  Now what to doooo with them????
I took a utility knife and cut through the top layer of "caramel" and the apple casing.  NOW is the time to do this because if the glue dries hard you won't be able to cut the apples in half.  Okay, so you don't WANT to cut them in half, then don't worry be happy !  Your "caramel" apples are almost done!!!!
To finish the cut I used this smooth blade knife and pushed it through.   I wanted my apples cut in half because I was making this:
But you can use the whole ones to make a wreath, use in a centerpiece, sprinkle them with glitter, add a bow....well what ever you can think of !    Now you can come up with your own methods, shortcuts and ideas for using these easy faux caramel candy apples and if you come up with something really cool please share it with us!.


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mya said…
You are so sweet to share these lessons with us. Do you have a craft class that you teach in your town?

I guess people have to be careful what thet eat in your house!
You'd think all we have is fake food LOL...it's mostly the sweet stuff that is fake because we do not need to be eating it :))
There isn't any place in my town to teach ... the nearest craft store is over an hour away.
MosaicMagpie said…
Oh my! All they need is some fake chopped nuts and YUMMMO!
They really do look real. It makes you want to set up a carmel apple stand, just to use the sign.
Francie, what a great fall idea! That is just genius! Thank you for stopping by, I love blogging because you find out your are not crazy and everyone up cycles wedding dresses and fabric.

Debbie said…
I have tons of old 1980s apples in the attic from my years in the classroom. If I can get my hands on them, I could remake them with a 2010 twist!

With all of your great faux goodie ideas, I'll need warning signs around the house. I would hate to have to pay the dental bill if and when the husband decides to snack.

Karen said…
What darling candy apples. At least they don't have any worriesome calories! lol
I love your posting, Maureen! Cute scarf!! lol We wore them too. We were so "fashionable".
Thank you for your visit. If you have a chance you might be interested to see the lamp my great-grandmother carried with her during the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. It's an old picture, but I was glad I found it!
Thanks for your sweet comments.
Ladybug Creek
agypsyangel said…
Arent you clever? Those are so cute!!! Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great weekend,
Francie you are so talented and creative. Your tutorials are great too. We just have so many talented people involved with the Fall basket swap, I am so tickled.
These apple are really cool!
Hahah--I didn't notice the word "fake" then scroll down and see glue!!!

Good one.
I will make them I really like fake foods I have them around my house.laura
Heidi Meyer said…
That is too cool for words!! You are making me want caramel apples right now!!! Bring on the fall season - thanks for a great tutorial! xoxoxo H
Tracy Suzanne said…
This turned out so so cute!!! I just love caramel apples and candy apples too. I would have never thought about cutting them in half and making this sign. Oh' you talented girls never fail to amaze me. I love this sign!!!

Hugs....Tracy :)
This is so sweet! I just picked up some fake apples today at a yard sale. I know what I will be doing with them.
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