Wire Cloche for fall or ?

A wire cloche is easy to make and you might have everything you need all ready on hand. If not you can usually find them in any thrift store.  If you don't have chicken wire, you can find it in Lowe's in the garden section.  They call it Hex wire and this is the 1".

What you need: Chicken (hex) wire, bottom to an old cheese board or round wood plaque, old lamp shade frame, embroidery hoop...this one is an oval metal but wooden ones work just fine AND since they come in lots of sizes you can make the size cloche you want. Wire cutters, long (or needlenose) pliers.  If you have good long nose pliers the cutter on them will work fine.

Look, it's CHICKEN wire !
We will start with the lamp shade frame ... this is so easy I'm almost embarrassed to show you.

I was going to twist the light bulb holder up and use it but it broke off so I just put it aside.  Cut a piece of wire long enough to wrap around the bottom of the frame and high enough to give you enough to form over the top and pull together.

Place the wire around the frame, then take the small wire on the edges and push under and over the frame bottom. I did this by hand and then used the long nose pliers to turn any sharp edges under or around the frame.

The wire is easily molded by hand, around the frame, over the top and into a bunch at the top. Just smush it in and over until you like what you see.

Add a bit of spray paint, a bit of decoration and VIE OH LAH (yes I know it's VWAH LAH but my baby girl says "Viola" and we've kept it that way ) you have a very easy wire cloche.
Another EASY way to make one is to use an embroidery hoop.  Same idea, just without the frame.  Again cut enough wire to fit, wind wires around the bottom, smoosh up at the top.  With this oval I did just bend the wires in and then tie them with another bit of wire. With the embroidery hoops you can make two, one with the inner ring and one with the outer ring.
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You are a genius...What a cute and easy idea...Honestly, when this wedding is over I am putting this on my to do list!!

Debbie said…
I'm so glad you decided to show how to do it. I think I can do this! What I really love is that you can pick your size, shape, and even paint it a color you want. I am determined to try this.

Annesphamily said…
Francie you are clever and kind! I always enjoy visiting you and always think of you when I use my pretty tea cup I was gifted when we did the teacup exchange a few years ago! Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs Anne
A Vintage Fairy said…
I love this idea! Super cute! Have a great week end.
Dorothy said…
Oh I want to try my hand at this! Yours turned out so pretty, you are very talented!
My gosh, this is too cute! I love simple ideas that have such a huge impac

Thx for sharing


Marti McClure said…
Francie, I love cloches and this is such a fabulous idea! Yours is so cute and I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti
LOL...Francie, I have a "stripped" wire lampshade cover on a vintage metal tole lamp on the screened porch and G just doesn't get it! Imagine what he would say if I covered it with chicken wire (which I have gobs of). :) I adore this idea of the hex wire cloche. HPS xo
Chubskulit Rose said…
So beautiful! Happy pink Saturday.

Pink at my page.
Have a lovely weekend.
AshTreeCottage said…
Okay Francie ~ I need your help! I am completely cloche challenged!!

Susan and Bentley
Carolyn Robbins said…
What an interesting project. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Oh, my goodness! I love it! I love all kinds of cloches and have got to try this. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing!