Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finds and Makes

Missed last week. Busy having fun and, well, just busy. Ya'll know how that is. This week I'm sharing:
 Cutest frogs ever! Looked so sweet in the Garden Room. I say "looked" because they sold right after I put them out.     Beautiful vintage pink and white paint by number roses. Very shabby and romantic.
For my "make", was asked if I could make a trellis for the Garden Room. Well, of course I could.   Started with a pre-made bottom, then added to it.   Used a finial from the end of a curtain rod, a shelf bracket, and lattice that you can buy for .99 at Home Depot . They cut it in half for me for easier handling.

Finished trellis in place.  You can barely see the fairy wind chime hanging in the middle. My lousy picture taking. I really need to do better, I know.
The first "make" of anything is usually the most difficult and not the best. Putting this one together gave me some ideas on how to make the next one, or two.  Stay tuned !
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Finds and ....

Ohhhh my, my,my. Tiaras ! Place on one your head and you feel like a princess.  If you watch the Big Bang Theory, remember the episode where Amy gets a tiara for her birthday? One of my favorites. So, here are 3 I found in my travels:
Yes, I tried each one. Might have to keep them too. Make me feel like a princess, just sayin'.
Wooden cake stands, I grab them when I see them.  Then I paint them. These are in various stages. After they are painted
I put a depression glass cake plate on top, tie with a ribbon and off they go to my booth. They are good sellers.
The next "find" came from a sweet friend who will bring me things she finds that she knows I will like. If I'm not home she will leave them on the porch. I love coming home and finding a gift !   Here is the sweet lamp base she left:
In my stash I had this cream lampshade. I thought if I added some cream and white flowers it would work. After I added the flowers I added smaller ones with a crystal inside the roses and then added a crystal to the accent flowers.  Does it work for you ?  
It works for me but I wonder if I need to go with a white shade.
  This week I am headed "up Nawth" for a visit and, of course, shopping !  Hope I find some really great goodies to share.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weekly Finds and (re)Make(s)

This week it is alllll about the Chandeliers. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found these! There is another, larger chandelier like the medium one but I have it apart already.

Regency style, beautiful large crystals.

Medium size chandy.
So, for the (re)make, I took the metal cherub, painted it white, added some pink bling, some chain and made it into a swag.
Metal cherub from vintage chandy.

We have been having very grey, overcast, dreary weather, not good for picture taking. Just can't capture the detail, just the idea.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly Finds and Make(s)

We had 2 beautiful riding days and took advantage of them!  My Sweetie is off the whole week so I'm not getting much done.  One reason I post to the Blog is to keep me on track.
  This week I'm sharing two beautiful Scott McClintock lace dresses, made in the USA. Those were the days my friends !
Both dresses have beautiful pink blush satin under dresses.
Size 11/12 no makers label

size 12 Scott McClintock label

Close up in better light.
Vintage lace / doilies....weekly make.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekly Find(s) and Weekly Makes

Vintage dinnerware. It gets me. And I almost always have to get it !  Could any Cottage/shabby/romantic pass up this set?

Love that there are three bluebirds on the dinner plate and the saucer and two on the cup.
Don't you think you would have to have a happy  breakfast on these plates?
 For my "make", really a make over...I found this petite chair. A bit smaller than a dining room chair. I'm thinking it was for a desk, a vanity or a card table, but mostly I thought it was a sweet size. That is Willie checking out the chair.  Yup, he's a big boy.

Painted off white with green accents, wrapped some twine around the top and added a cute French pattern to the seat.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weekly Finds

Ohhh how I love this little peignoir, made in USA ... and it still has a tag on it. The tag reads: Gossard Artemus Peignoir set, $38.00. Now I just have the top, but that's okay ! Unfortunately the color just doesn't show in the photos, it really is a lovely eggshell.

Then I found a bridal veil to add to my collection. This one is newer but it's so pretty...it has pearls scattered on the veil. You can't see them because they aren't on the veil that goes over the face but on the longer part I couldn't get a shot of :))
Every once in awhile I'll find something romantic and shabby with roses on it. Usually it's a candle holder but this time a wonderful wine basket.
Now for a weekly "do" ... I found a large plaster artichoke and painted it.  Yes, I could have spray painted it gold or silver but, sigh, it's just not in me to do that.  I had to paint it.
After I did a layer of green, added some red, I lightly distressed it with gold.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Find of the Week ...hats !

"Once upon a time, Jacobson’s Department Stores filled the luxury shopping niche in Metro Detroit and Michigan. Known for its posh atmosphere, designer apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, personalized customer service and fashion shows, Jacobson’s was a shopping tradition."  Article by Laura Sternberg click here
Label inside Joe Bill Miller, made in USA

Label is also Joe Bill Miller, price tag attached $125. marked down to $85.

Label Toucan Collection, New York
  Three hats, two hat boxes.  The first and third hats were in the same box. There was one loose price tag in the box $65. Both tags were Jacobson tags.
 The middle hat looks peach but it is really pink. LOVE that pink!  It's been gloomy days here and no good light for photos.
 Oh don't I LOVE these hats !  Perfect for weddings, garden parties, church. Vintage and beautiful !   So tempted to keep them and add to my hat collection.
  Do you love hats?
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Find(s) of the week

Add caption
A beautiful plate with pinks, purples, yellows. Perfect for my kitchen and I really love this lamp...it's in great shape and needs only a shade.   What did you find good this week?
Hope ya'll have a sweet Valentines Day.
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Find(s) of the Week !

I will be heading home on Tuesday after a fun week up Nawth. Here are a couple of what were fabulous finds for me:
This is the very first intact teapot like this I have ever found. I was thrilled. If anyone knows the pattern or maker I would appreciate knowing. It reminds me of Knowles.
Okaaaay, not ashamed to admit it but I'm a Pepper ! Have been ever since I can remember.  These precious little kissers in the perfect colors had me doin' a little happy happy joy joy dance!  Are you, by any chance, a Pepper too?
And last, definitely not least, this precious sugar bowl.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the roses are. You can click on the photo for a better view.  It doesn't take much to make me happy and I am definitely happy happy happy with these little finds.  Have you found any treasures you love this week?  Sharing with Pink Saturday at Beverlys  , visit for lots of sweet pink!
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Peg board signs/letters

Soooo, while there are plastic letters and numbers for pegboard, I wanted wood.  Here was my solution:
It helps to have some pegboard handy that you can use as a guide.  You can find wood letters, 3 in a pack, for .99. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
Gather letters, dowel the size of pegboard holes (1/4" is standard), paint, glue, glitter(unless you don't WANT glitter but I can't imagine you don't want glitter !), card stock, pen or pencil, paper punch. You will need something to cut the dowel with too.
 Take some card stock. Mark it by holding it up to the back of the pegboard and draw  circles where the pegboard holes are. Then paper punch out the holes. I taped two pieces
of card stock together with painters tape.  Next, line up your letters, face down and backwards, tops aligned to the top of the card stock. Draw the holes on the back of your letters where you think they will work best in the peg board. This is where you will glue your dowel pegs.
This is what I used to cut the dowel into 1" pieces.  I loooove this little chop saw. It's a 2" chop saw perfect for the smaller things you need/want to cut. Got this at Harbor Freight and it was around $26.00. 

The next thing I did was to paint the front of the letters. But you can do this after you attach the dowel. I used a glue pot to attach the dowel, but any good glue can be used.
 After gluing the dowels, I painted the back of the letters.  Then applied glue to the fronts of the letters and pressed them into the glitter.
 VIE OH LAH !!!! Letters/signs easily made for pegboard.  You can put them in straight or give them a little twist. You can buy letters for specific signs or you can buy several alphabets and make lotsa different signs.

 Ima headed up Nawth Tuesday, when I get back I'll take a picture of these at my booth. But for now, I am getting ready for a road trip !
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