Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cheep Easy Fun Jewelry Display

                       Gather your supplies for a fun jewelry display.....

Supplies from the Dollar Tree...cute paper plates, long straws, optional round coasters, foam butterflies/bees
Update !  The DT now has spoon straws which makes this even easier.
 You will need scissors, ice pick (or something to poke holes with) jewelry and tape and/or labels.  Cut the smaller plates into a flower shape.
You will use two spoon straws and one long flexible straw for the stem. Cut the flex straw just below the flex and insert the long piece into the spoon straws as shown above. I use a small price tag to wrap around the spoon part to help hold them together.

Lay your pin on top of the plate to determine where you need to place your holes. Then stick the pin into just one side. Use the ice pick to enlarge the first hole and make the other. Don't put them too far apart, about an inch, so you can slide the pin back through and close. Turn plate over and slide a straw up underneath the pin. The spoon straw makes this really easy.  Fold over the spoon part and tape. I also use a label over the tape. You can put information about the pin as well as the price.
For bracelets or necklaces, make your holes much further apart, then clasp them in the back. For long necklaces, use a small envelope to hold most of the chain or tape it to the back.

This is the finished flower.

You can use markers to color the foam butterflies and bees or cover with tissue paper or simply cut out your own.  I slit the top wings and put a pair of clip earrings on this one.  I would add more color but left it fairly plain for clarity.
Place your jewel flowers into an urn or vase.  Add butterfly, bees.  Use or add several smaller pots to spread around, or lay on table.  Since this is so inexpensive you can just wrap in tissue and let your customer have the jewel flower, bee or butterfly.
 The coasters are easy to put a pin through and add another shape and different texture. My Dollar Tree had blue and green ones, pink would be wonderful to find.
Yes, I forgot to add the butterfly and bee to my arrangement, sigh. But it's already at my booth. Please use your imagination to see them there! (())
This makes a bright, happy, fun display.   I'm happy for you to pin or share, but would appreciate a link back.
  Thank you for  your visit, I appreciate your comments and follows and always try to return them.
Until next time, ya'll bee sweet!


Sue McPeak said...

So creative and a bonus decoration for giving as a gift. Inexpensive and really cute. You know how Gals love bling. I may use this idea in my Booth, too. Enjoyed my's been way too long.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

LV said...

You have a great ideas and carry them out so well. I loved what you shared. Most talented lady.