Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Movin' Day in My Home Town....

Both of my children moved over the week moved further away and one moved closer. In a perfect world they would both live next door to me but, sigh, nothing is perfect. There is a bright spot...I can now drive to my son's and stay the night then drive to my daughters and do a return trip the same way. I know they are both delighted! :)

My best moving tip is to let someone else do it. My next best moving tip is to start packing the non-essentials early. We also leave the mattresses to be the last thing loaded so they are the first thing off...just in case.

Do you have any packing moving tips to share? Please leave a message with your best moving tip and you'll be entered in the August end of the month giveaway.

I've been tagged by Debbie of Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor (you really should check out the goodies she sells) to list seven things about myself. Gee I think ya'll know enough about me but here goes anyway:
1. I can remember the words to almost every song I've ever heard but can't remember where I put my cell phone 2. I am almost always right...I thought I was wrong once but I wasn't 3. I am ambidextrous 4. I'm very near sighted with an astigmatism and it ain't gettin' any better :) 5. I'm finding out that old age ain't for sissies 6. I can walk to my little cottage shop 7. I'll need to live to 110 to get everything finished that I've started. How about you? I'm not going to tag anyone I'm going to tag if ya'll feel like sharing please do ! (())
My wish for you: May all your moves be smooth ones and all your baggage be light.


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Francie! one is closer and one is far. Your right it would be so wonderful to have your children right next door. I loved reading a little about you. I wouldn't mind living up to 110 too! But that is only if I can still do it all by myself without
Hope you have a great week ahead sweet Francie!
Janet's Creative Pillows

sita said...

YOu are funny! You aren't getting old! How nice to get one child closer, I do miss my family we live about 3 hours away but with schedules it might as well be an all day driving trip.
Love your little fun facts!

lisa said...


What a great tip about the mattress! LoL

My favorite moving tip, make sure not to forget a "new broom" my mom said never use your old broom in a new home, it's bad luck! So, buy a new broom.


Patricia said...

Another moving tip--put your coffee maker, 2 coffee mugs, non dairy creamer, coffee filters, coffee (oh, sugar if you use it)and a gallon of water in a box on the front seat! Another, just in case.

Loved the Francie Facts.


Susan said...

Pack things in pretty boxes so that if you never unpack them, they will be nice accents pieces!
{can you tell what is in my attic from our move 17 1/2 years ago???}
Susan *dutchrose*

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Wish my boys were anywhere nearer to me than they are. :(
Let's see, moving tips....label the boxes as to what rooms they will be going in in the new house and throw out half the stuff you've accumulated before packing. It's a great way to get a fresh start. :)

Joanne said...

The one thing that I recommend when moving is: anything that you feel is extremely precious and you would die if it got broken or stolen, pack it yourself and put it in your car ~~ don't let anyone else touch it!! Moving men are usually great but I would never take a chance with my most prized possessions. Also, pack a box/bag with items that you know you'll need when you get there (ex., toilet paper, soap, towel - paper and/or cloth ~~ you get the idea). Joanne ~~

Michelle M. May said...

Francie you crack me up! Love the one about the songs and the cell phone. So true!

My best moving tip I will give you from all my homeowners that I have dealt with over the last 8 years. Sell all your crap and buy new stuff for your new house! Every last one of them say's to me "why did I move this stuff?"


Inka Thomas said...

Hmmm. Moving tip...Sell Everything and buy all new when you get into your new place or just stay where you are. I hate to move.

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Ok, moving tip . . make sure to label your boxes. We made the mistake of forgetting and what a headache! Hey, I am ambidextrous too!

Cottage Flair said...

I enjoyed reading your 7 things. Moving tip? Only pack what you really like and use then have a giant tag sale before you go.

Lilli Blue said...

Keep what you love the most and let go of he rest!
Print peel and stick labels on the computer and just slapthem on the boxes.i have lived in my apartment for 20 years. Oh I can't think about what it would be to pack. LOL

Silena said...

Hi Francie,
Moving tips..uh, no, no! Don't move...just clean the house it is easier! Moving is definitely not one of my favorite things to do! I miss my kids (and grandkids), too! Wish they lived next door, too!!!!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Francie,

It's great that you figured out a way to visit both your son and daughter! How cool is that.
Unfortunately I don't have any moving tip as I have lived in the same house for 22 years!
But I hope your move is smooth!

Pei Li

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Francie, I don’t have any good moving tips to share, sorry! I still have a few boxes unpacked since we moved to US from Sweden -93. I do like the idea of ‘sell the crap and buy new”. Hope you have a great week!

Vallen said...

I hate moving out but love moving in. I unpack a box or two and pretend that my space is always that neat!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

My best moving tip is to be extremely detailed about what is in the contents of each box. It seemed like a lot of work at the time,...I taped a piece of paper to each closed carton and listed ALL of the contents!! I was happy I was easier to find things later on!
Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Hummingbird Chats said...

I love your 7 items of the tag, you are right getting old is not for the weak.
I have moved so many times with the military..#1 rule label and number the boxes..some may come up missing. and always pack a week of clothes and other needs for everyone in the family. Too many times, we got to the new base before the movers. This point is for military families..always have the military persons' gear seperate from the family boxes. My husband would usually have to report before all the boxes were unpacked.
~~smiles~~ Katie

Lorilee said...

Definitely start packing non-essentials ahead of time. This also helps make the house less cluttered if you are trying to sell. Hmm, my tip is to be cheap and recycle---Tuck breakables into boxes with towels and sheets. (We moved ourselves--no moving van or movers so this worked well). I also did not have to pack clothes that were in dresser drawers. We removed them, carried out the dresser and stacked the drawers carefully between blankets.

Joanne Kennedy said...

My best tip for a move is to hire movers. Everyone hates to pitch in a move someone. It costs more but oh so worth it to not be super tired once you get to your new home.

It's hard enough to have to unpack everything.

Big hugs,

Devonia said...

Eek! It's been over 35 years since I last moved. Looking around at this overwhelming amount of stuff , I guess my tip would be my first necessity - Call on all the muscle your family has= Son#1, Son#2, Son#3 and all their friends!

My bests,

OldBagNewTricks said...

My best moving tip -- Black Plastic Trash Bags. Fill them all up, haul them to the curb. Whatever's left gets to boxed up and moved.

I really like your 7 things -- very funny!