the Deep South is in a Deep Freeze...

I love the South for so many reasons but one of the main reasons is because it is warm...even during the winter while those of you "up Nawth" and in the Midwest are freezin' we get by with a sweater. Those days are over, at least for now. I guess we should be grateful for Global Warming because if this winter were any worse I'd have to think about movin' again.

This cold makes me want to sit by the fire, sip tea and read and that's about all. When I sit I have about twenty lbs of cat sitting on me so it makes it difficult to get up :). Hopefully we will warm up soon and I will get busy listing items and making a few things to put up on the web shop. Until then my wish for you: A cozy fire and a sweet purrbaby on your lap to keep you grounded. (())


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Hi Francie, I loved your Christmas eve memory and I hope eventually that little kitty will give you all the love that I know she has to offer. It's way tooo cold here in Va. The lake is frozen over which we rarely see and after last night's little snowfall it is pure white. Pretty but I want my warmer weather back. I still haven't cleaned out my gardens of all the dead flowers yet and I need a warm day to do it. But knowing the Va. weather it will be 25 degrees today and 70 next week. :) Stay warm my friend and Happy New Year xo
Hi Francie! At least your cats will keep you warm! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!
Theresa said…
Hi Francie,
I saw your impish grin on FB and had to hurry on over and read your new post. I miss you sweetie, and think of you often. I just wanted to say Hi, and wish you a beautiful grand new year!
P.S. Thanks for La Mer, oolala
Theresa @ Cottage Violets
We've already had the cold snap pass it's just realllly rainy, cold and dreary. No sunshine and light here........... :-(

Hope you warm up soon.

Warm blessings,
gail said…
Wow, what a picture! Its still about the norm for here in AZ. It is very predictable in the desert :) I know what you mean, I sit down to read and immediately have cats laying on me. I have two cats who weigh 22 and 24 pounds each.Now thats a lap full. LOL I hope you are staying warm, and have a great week,, (()) gail
Wanda said…
Isn't that gorgeous? We don't see that often enough in the south. Once a year is enough, though.

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