Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...ain't if funny how time slips awaaaaaaay.

I looove that old country song, especially when sung by Willie. :) time has just been flyin' by here though. So, we have a new baby in the house, meet Wynnette. Word has gotten out that we are soft touches, sigh. She is all settled in, doing well and seems very grateful for a warm home and food.
Since my last post I have made a trip to Augusta, worked on this old house, worked at the shop (online and off) and shipped quite a few orders out. I don't know where the time goes it just does!
My wish for you: May you be getting a lot done and stayin' warm.


House and Garden Boutique said...

Cute baby! I too am a cat person......I have 2 cats, Daisy & Tulip are their names......they are prissy and sassy and we love them dearly. I'm in Georgia Woodstock. Stop by our blog for a visit. Lynn

gail said...

Hi Francie,,, OH! Wynette is so pretty. What a sweet girl. But you better watch out, you are going to catch up with me on the cats LOL Just kidding, I love everyone of them.
Your faux desserts are so sweet too! I hope its still warming up for you. Have a great day, fuzzy and furry hugs, gail

Sharon said...

She is a beauty~ you are a softie~ I love that about you ~S

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

She's buu tee fulllll Francie!!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Francie!!

OMG she is adorable! Congrats on the new baby in the house. I am such a cat lover as you know. I wish I could have one too. In my neighborhood there are at least 10 roaming cats and they are all beautiful. I usually feed them akk daily. I wish I could bring them all home,but my darn aegries. Anyway I am so happy you have her. I will soon have my new nesletter and will have a cat contest so please feel free to eneter her.

Hope the weather is great and hope you habe a beautiful day.

Miss you lots my friend,
Janet's Creative Pillows

Graceful Rose said...

Francie, how sweet she is!

Charlene said...

Francie, I met you through the Petticoat & wanted to say hello. I can't wait to meet everyone at Jenn's event. We are going to have soooooooooo much fun! Charlene

~Deborah~ said...

Love the new kitty! She's beautiful! Love Willie, too!


Anonymous said...

what a pretty little girl, Francie! Looks like she has one of those lovely plume like tails. Love those! Give her a soft pet from me. :-)