Shhhhhhhhhhh It's a SECRET !!! and GIVE AWAY

Ohh yes I've been busy. I wish I could show you some of the things I've been working on but....not quite yet. Some of them are surprises for sweet friends and I don't want them to see them just yet. Others are still "in progress". Certainly, you might say, you can't have been busy JUST working on things? Nope. I have to admit I have also done a bit of work on this old cottage, spent some sweet time with my Sweetie Pie and, of course, with four cats there is a certain amount of cat holding and cuddling that must be done.

With all that said and done I have decided to have a give away for my followers. Since there aren't that many your odds are very good...if you want to get in on the drawing just click the "follow" button just above my followers and add yourself to the drawing. Mrs. Glosser's random number generator will do the choosing and she will do it on May 1st. Now since Mothers Day is the 10th I am giving away one of my TEACUP CANDLES ... you can choose which one and keep it for yourself or give it to your sweet mother.

To see the Teacup candles click on the store link to the right, then Teacup Candles category. Remember, you will get to choose the one you want.

My wish for you, time with your Sweetie and time to cuddle.


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What a fantastic giveaway! I jumped over to see your's really cute. You have some great items for sale. Thanks for doing a giveaway! Have a fun weekend!
Lorilee said…
Hi Francie,
Thanks for dropping by Cackleberry Cottage. I have been so busy out in the yard with daylight savings time that I haven't been visiting many blogs. I even went a week without updating mine! Your teacup candles are sweet!
Anonymous said…
Always fun coming over and seeing what your up to Francie!!

I went to a quilt show today and I am feeling like I want to make something creative- gosh you should have seen the quilts and there was a lady who did the most amazing embroidery - I bought one of her patterns to make some hand towels. We'll see how soon they get done!

angie said…
Francie, glad do see you again. And good for you for taking some kitty time and time for you and sweetie! Miss you.
So sweet! Definitely time for me to become a follower!
Hey cute Francie, I would love to be entered in your drawing. I missed you at the retreat and kept thinking how much fun you would have been with the other wacky ladies. We had a blast but I know you are looking forward to your upcoming get away. Can't wait to hear all about it. I will be blogging about the SLS retreat sometime this week. I follow. xoxo Lynn
I love a cat lover! Your new addition is so cute. I am happy to be a follower and would love to be the owner of one of your darling tea cups!
Kat said…
I'm following. Thanks Francie. Please visit my baking blog for some great recipes
Rachel said…
Hi Francie - Such fun to meet you and enjoy Savannah this past weekend!! hope you made it home safely and recoup from all the glittery fun!!
aaak! did I miss this? Count me in! I just love your giveaways! You are so generous. And you just inspired me to have a giveaway too. I will do that for Mondays Show and Tell.

Good luck to all who enter. You will be so happy you did! Francie gives the prettiest things. :-)

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