Cherubs all around....

I'm joining Friday show and tell , visit  to see all the other show and tellers.

Thought I would share some cherubs, didn't honestly realize how many there were until I started
taking the photos.  I stopped at nine.   There are sleeping cherubs, resting  cherubs,                         musical cherubs.... I think I might be a bit 
                     embarrassed to show you just how many
there I'll stop now :))
They are all over the house...and the front porch, oh and the back deck    It seems to be very easy to build a collection fairly quickly.
Do you have a collectible that surprises you at how many you have collected?
Job 38:7
... while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy(NIV)
Oh and the receiver of the Lavender goodies is Lillian...thank you for following my blog Lillian !  ((:))


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Susan said…
Your last cherub with the little roses on its head , I have one just like it. It is packed away somewhere!!
Debbie said…
Congrats to Lillian! Lucky me, I get to keep my title as biggest loser of the blog giveaway world. Grin.

I love cherubs. They have a cheerful yet peaceful look about them. I don't think I collect a LOT of anything.

Unless pounds and dust count.
Oh, and junk mail.

And I'm *thinking* about that orange crafty thingie you mentioned in the last post. I'm all about orange this year.
You have a beautiful collection of cherubs. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Victoria said…
As a fellow cherub fanatic, you can NEVER have too many cherubs in my opinion!!! Yours are lovely:)
mya said…
You have a very nice collection. I do not think I have anything that would classify as a collection. Oh, I have a few selections of this and that,but not enoght to be called a collection of anyone thing.
However, I am in possession of my children's (now grown) happy meal toys.
so sweet! love your cherubs!

thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your comment on my new vinyl. 8 paws up, i like that!
agypsyangel said…
I love cherubs, I dont have a collection but mmmmm maybe i should.
I am new to bloggerrette sorority, please come by and follow me too..
Signing up to become a new follower.
Kim B :)
A sweet angel among many cherubs and angels......that's you Francie! :)

I have one collection that I need to show on my blog....maybe soon. xoxo Lynn