Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How Mr. NotAcatPerson

spends the little off time he has.  It bears repeating that we are NOT cat people. Especially my Sweetie, he is most definitely NOT a cat person.  He will spend a loooong time telling anyone and everyone how much of a cat person he is NOT.    Mr. NotAcatPerson doesn't have a lot of free time.  He teaches full time at  college, sees his patients on Fridays and whenever they need him.  He has time to eat and take a wee nap now and then.

However, somehow a little kitty mama did not get the word about us not being cat people, especially Mr.NotA, and had her kittens in our garage.  Sigh.  Honestly we have four already and now FIVE more?   Ah well.    So Mr. NotA has spent the last three days in what little bits of time he can spare, to put up a bit of a fence and a gate by our side door, in front of the garage.  No one bothers with leash laws here, dogs roam freely and one already had mama up on the side fence. We got concerned for mama and the babies and are trying to give them some protection.  It's taking some time to do this little bit because it has been raining cats (for sure!) and dogs AND there are some bodacious tree roots to contend with. Also you have to make sure you aren't gonna step on a little kitteh.
Kitteh mama 

the more adventurous babies
We are hoping to keep them safe until weaned and fix mama and babies.

Next week Mr.NotA and I will have been married for thirty years. I love him even more than I did waaaay back then.  One of the reasons is, like me, he is NOT a cat person.
Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate you and your comments.  Beeee sweet and stop by again soon, heah?  (())


Gretel said...

Some of the nicest people I know are *notcatpeople* - if only we were closer, I would snap those two ginger darlings up at once - then we would have five - which would please my own *notacatperson*. :) God bless your M.NotA. x

Melissa Bishop said...

I'm hoping my hubby realises how much pets add to your life and will become a Notacatperson too!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh ya, I can see you are soooo not cat people.....Bless your hearts for keeping them safe!


Linda P. said...

Awww, I am touched by your soft hearts despite the notacatperson-ness trait that you claim to possess. : )

Happy upcoming anniversary! I hope you have a celebration magnifique!

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Francie!!

How are you my sweet bud? So sorry I have not visited sooner. I swear the time just flies. I can see that you are so not cat people..lol Omg if I lived near by I would run away with one of those kitties. I am such a cat lover. I have a colony of cats in my neighborhood. I feed them daily because I feel so sorry for them.Congrats on being married for 30 yrs. And glad he got the fence put up. You have a darling husband. Anyway enjoy the kitties and have a great week.
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