Friday, September 7, 2012

More tiny pink paws...

and a pink garden hose :)   Off to look for a new camera today so only have one photo to share. Sweet babies asleep shortly after eating. They are just so sweet, I missed them while I was gone.
 Had a great time on my short trip, found some wonderful bargains and had some things I knew about human nature re-inforced.
All in all it was a good trip but I'm happy to be home. Am looking forward to visiting all the Pink Saturday participants, if you don't show off your pink but love it,  you can visit Beverly and see some fantastic pinks.
Thank you for your visit, I appreciate them and your comments.  Until next time, ya'll bee sweet. (())


Gabriela Delworth said...


Super cuteness!


Marydon said...

They are adorably cute, Francie.
Have a lovely weekend ~

GIVEAWAY ends 9/9

TTFN ~ Marydon

Susie Jefferson said...

Oh how adorable. I just want to pick them up and cuddle them. Happy Pink Saturday!

LV said...

Wish I could sleep like that.

chubskulit said...

How pretty! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

PINK reminds is my entry.
Have a great weekend!

Linda P. said...

What precious little kitties. I can imagine that you missed them while you were away.

Maybe we will get a peek someday at some of your purchased treasures? Oh, and I would love to know what you meant by saying you had some things you knew about human nature reinforced. ; ) That sounds very mysterious . . . .

Pink hugs to you!

The French Hutch said...

How sweeeeet! Kittens are so much fun to watch when they aren't sleeping! Enjoy the rest of Pink Saturday.

the French Hutch

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Francie, your little pink paws are adorable. who has a pink hose? HA! Francie, that's who. I love it a lot.

I'm glad you had a fun trip. Welcome home and good luck finding a camera.
Love ya,

Austine Etcheverry said...

Oh my goodness they are so adorable.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your little ginger kitty looks like my sweet Phoebe. She is 4 months old--I rescued her when she was 2 weeks and her Mother was killed by a coyote. I adore her. Thanks for sharing your sweet kitties!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...


Ok Francie, You have me in suspense!....learned some things about human nature???


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

There's nothing sweeter than kittens! Enjoy your week...tell us more about your bargains! Hugs!

Cheryl said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what precious baby kitties you have!!! Such little sweeties... now, remember at 5 months old--- you can spay and neuter lol
big hugs,

Melody said...

Hi Francie!
Had to pop in and say....'Cute Kitties' I've been soooo busy with Doc appoints and such and haven't been able to chat, but your blog has brightened many of my days.
Now don't laugh, but I am a dog person..never had kitties....until someone threw 9 kittens in our yard. 3 had no fur and thier eyes were still shut...they sadly didn't make it. took the other 6 to our vet ad they are 3 Russian Blues and 3 Amer. Short-haired. Ages from a few days to 2 weeks old. One Russian and one Amer. was too young he said and might not make it. Well 2 yrs later all 6 are still here!!
I said I was a dog person, well, seems our Norwegian Elkhound is a cat lover cause he took em under his paw and taught them all they know. They think they are puppies