Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet Surprise !

Do you remember the beautiful tuffet I bought from C'est Chouette? If not, look down a few posts and you will see my gorgeous songbird tuffet sitting on a petite chair. Well, my little songbird flew waaay "up Nawth" to the Big Apple for a photo shoot. Ummm hmmm, my little pretty and several others from C'est Chouette are going to be in the June issue of Romantic Homes. When Sharon, owner and creator of C'est Chouette asked me if I would mind sending my little songbird off to be photographed I was happy to do it and excited that her tuffets would be in Romantic Homes(not to mention the excellent taste I apparently have because they wanted mine particularly LOL).
Today at the cottage shop I received this beautiful bouquet from Sharon to thank me for sending off my tuffet and to let me know my little songbird is on his way home. Now how classy is that? Very of course :)
So, here is a head's up to everyone....if you want a tuffet you best RUN to C'est Chouette at right...and put your order in. I have a feeling that once these beautiful babies appear in Romantic Homes there will be a loooong line and you just might miss out on the one that was meant for you!
My wish for you: that you are surrounded by people as talented and gracious as my friend Sharon of C'est Chouette.


Rhoda said...

That's very pretty, Francie! Congrats on your new bouquet.

Southern Hospitality

Aunt T said...

What a pretty flower arrangement and yes - YOU do have good taste.

I need to check out the tuffets for myself :)

Sharon said...

Francie~ there are not enough flowers in the garden to show my appreciation for you letting your little songbird fly north. You are a great friend~ you barely had the tuffet when I asked for it back,. Hopefully it arrives back home to you soon.

OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG -- you are BOTH gracious and talented and tasteful as all get out... Letting that bird outta your sight was very brave. And that bouquet from Sharon is exceedingly thoughtful -- I'm not sure I'd have the sense to do that.
Very Smart.

PG said...

Those are special flowers! I've just been reading your other post about pot pourri, and had this memory of some nasty cheap stuff I bought years ago, very chemical and horrid.

Oblique Angles said...

Is your tuffet ready for her close-up? You must be thrilled that she is being featured in a classy New York publication.

And the bouquet of flowers took a good photo, too!

Congratulations, Tuffet! Congratulations, Francie!