Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just Call Me Miss Piggy...

Remember when I suggested you all run run run to C'est Chouette if you wanted one of her fabulous tufets? Remember when I asked you not to get "my" next pillow? Well, I do have
to say thank-you because I received it just yesterday! It is so very hard to resist these
beautiful creations and I have just not been able too. Isn't this tuffet just yummy? I should have taken a picture of the back so you could see the beautiful taffeta fabric, but I just couldn't wait :) and trust me, no picture can do these babies justice.
The wonderful lady who makes these delicious combinations of old needle work and new fabrics has been very very busy. I was surprised to receive my tuffet so quickly and let me tell you she knows how to package these babies too...pretty pink tissue, beautiful ribbons and best of all a
sweet box of chocolate too! Guess what...I have my eye on another one (oink oink) and I think it will make a wonderful anniversary gift to me from my SweetiePie, that's coming up in August.
Sigh, I am in tuffet heaven.
My wish for you...that you will get a little piece of heaven AND a box of chocolates too.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Francie, it is gorgeous!!!! Is that a fuschia? OMG -- she does such exquisite work rescuing this needlepoints and blending them with the perfect fabrics. No wonder you are over the moon for this one, you piggy you. I guess you'll have to celebrate that anniversary all summer long.

Enjoy -- you have fabulous taste,

Francie M. said...

Thanks Jenny...I DO have fabulous taste in friends for sure! When we lived in California I used to have fuschias all the time...sooo beautiful.

Aunt T said...

Oh what a pretty tuffet. Do enjoy and I hope you do get the one you have your eye on :)


Vallen said...

You should have as many of those pillows as you want. It's not piggish, it's practical.

Sharon@C'est Chouette said...

oh~ are those fushias?~ I thought maybe they were bleeding hearts~ one never knows about needlepoint flowers :-)
One more tuffet Francie!?! are you trying to move me to Geogia one tuffet at a time.
I am so glad you like this one ~ I promise not to ask for it back right away~ I *DO* have the very best friends. I am trying to get ready for graduation this weekend~ then I will be back in the blogsphere~oxoxo~S