Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dreamin' Of A Garden

My friend Jenny (Old Bag, New Tricks) is crafting a fabulous garden...well, a total retreat really.
She has torn up a deck, built a wonderful garden arbour and is starting on a pond. You can check it all out on her blog...first link at right. You will be amazed at all she has done. And when she finally gets it to an almost complete stage (we all know a garden is never complete) it will be just a fabulous as all the other things this talented gal does. Jenny is such an inspiration and encouragement to me (and lots of others too I know). All I can do is dream of a garden right now, due to severe drought and fires, but I can attempt to paint some garden type things so that's what I am up to while dear Jenny actually does something. I had first painted the garden cherub terracotta but Jenny suggested the grey and she was looks sooo much better !
Talented gal that one.
My wish for you is that you have a beautiful garden retreat and talented friends like mine!


OldBagNewTricks said...

Well Shut My Mouth!!! (And isn't that a darn good idea) Francie you have said the nicest, dearest things about me and I so appreciate it -- it's nice to hear that applause. thank you... and I'm awfully impressed with this painting. I'd say you have a good deal of talent all your own.


Vallen said...

I am gobsmacked by Jenny and her lack of fear to tackle any task. She is an inspiration to me as well. And I think these accolades should get us an invite to the enchanted garden don't you?

Aunt T said...

WOW! What a beautiful piece of art. Absolutely stunning! I hope your fires and drought ease up soon. I can only dream of a garden - basically because I don't have a green thumb! All of the sewing and growing genes went to my sister :) The cherub looks beautiful in grey.