Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Finds and ....

Ohhhh my, my,my. Tiaras ! Place on one your head and you feel like a princess.  If you watch the Big Bang Theory, remember the episode where Amy gets a tiara for her birthday? One of my favorites. So, here are 3 I found in my travels:
Yes, I tried each one. Might have to keep them too. Make me feel like a princess, just sayin'.
Wooden cake stands, I grab them when I see them.  Then I paint them. These are in various stages. After they are painted
I put a depression glass cake plate on top, tie with a ribbon and off they go to my booth. They are good sellers.
The next "find" came from a sweet friend who will bring me things she finds that she knows I will like. If I'm not home she will leave them on the porch. I love coming home and finding a gift !   Here is the sweet lamp base she left:
In my stash I had this cream lampshade. I thought if I added some cream and white flowers it would work. After I added the flowers I added smaller ones with a crystal inside the roses and then added a crystal to the accent flowers.  Does it work for you ?  
It works for me but I wonder if I need to go with a white shade.
  This week I am headed "up Nawth" for a visit and, of course, shopping !  Hope I find some really great goodies to share.
  Thank  you for your visit and for your sweet comments. I always try to return comments and follows.  Until next week, ya'll take care and bee sweet.
 Will be visiting and sharing with  Ivy and Elephants WhatsitWednesday    and  Beverly at Pink Saturday  hope you will stop by and visit and share too.


Jennelise said...

Beautiful! I love the little lamp!

~Shabby Delights~ said...

What girl doesnt love a tiara....but my fav pieces are the wooden cake stands...never seen them before...thank you for sharing...HPS Michelle

LV said...

Wonderful finds. When you travel you can always find something you need.

Annesphamily said...

I LOVE those tiaras. Sweetness! I have a tiny tiara hair clip and I keep it next to a small photo of my youngest daughter Hannah! She is a real princess! HeeHee! I also recently found a tiny crown on a burlap note holder so it sits next to Hannah's photo. My sister once paid a king;s ransom for a tiara when when of her girls wanted to be a princess for Halloween! She bough it at a costume shop and that guy probably took a vacation for the price she had to pay him! LOL! YOLO!

Linda said...

Beautiful finds!!! Happy Easter to you. :)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What lovely finds.