Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Big 4th of July Bang !

With all the storms, lightning and rain we've been having can't say I was very surprised that we took a hit.  A huge HUGE tree fell on the house. It pulled the power box away from the house, put holes in the roof and deck and did a fairly decent amount of damage.
It hit on top of a one story addition, my GRANDs bedroom.  Had to quickly move everything out of there because it was raining inside as well as out.

Pulled power lines down and box off the house.

Took down a good part of the deck railing, big hole in deck

Looking out French doors in addition

Georgia Power came out quickly and disconnected the power lines but since it was the 4th it was Monday before we could start coordinating clean up etc.
Long story short, it took 8 days for us to get back in the house. We had updated the electric when we moved in but new codes meant the electric had to be updated again and it cost... a LOT. sigh.
 Now we are dealing with some health issues as well as other life things so I will be taking a break for a while.
 I always wonder what happened when people stop blogging so I wanted to let ya'll know.   Thank you for your visits, your sweet comments and your follows.  I will still try and visit you when I can.  Until then, ya'll bee sweet !


Guernsey Girl said...

Oh Francie - I'm thinking about you all - I do hope you see this...

Debbie said...

It looks even worse in pictures than I had in my head! I'm just so sorry about all of this. I just hope the insurance will help with the cost. Did it cover the long stay in the hotel at all?? Just horrible, and I'm so glad no one was hurt.

Carolyn Kocman said...

Ugh. The pictures say it all. So glad you are back in the house, electric running, roof in tact. Now concentrate on Dean. Love you!

Tabitha said...

Girl you have to hit the lotto. your luck seems to be a good as mine right now. at least noone was hurt and hopefully insurance takes care of it all. I am beginning to see why my mother rents and doesnt own any more. stay well sweet pea and if you need to vent give me a jingle...

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

thinking of you and Dean Francie
(((( xoxo ))))))

Dori said...

Oh.... Francie, I am so sorry! Thinking of you, hoping everything and everyone is being patched up, and you'll be back in the pink soon! Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Francie I will be praying for you- is your back giving your problems again? Have a friend who is getting ready to have back surgery- she has tried everything and just can't seem to get any relief.

I have been on bear watch for the past few weeks. We had a fire a few weeks ago which has caused bears to come into town and they are trying to get to my honey. Am hoping to harvest the large hive which has about 60 lbs. this weekend. I hope he doesn't get in to the hive before I have time to harvest!

bee blessed

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hey Francie, so glad you stopped in. Goodness I hope things are going OK for you! Health problems are the worst, nope you can't plan for them and they don't follow a schedule!! Thinking of you!


Sue McPeak said...

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Trina O'Neil said...

Wow your place looked like mine did when our tree came down in the back yard. It also took out a part of our deck as well. It scared the crude out of me and woke me up from a good sleep. I was not happy but glad that it didn't hit our french doors. It literally missed them by inches.

I would love to be able to visit Georgia and just see the sights. I have always loved the Southern Hospitality feeling that is represented there.