Monday, February 16, 2015

Find of the Week ...hats !

"Once upon a time, Jacobson’s Department Stores filled the luxury shopping niche in Metro Detroit and Michigan. Known for its posh atmosphere, designer apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, personalized customer service and fashion shows, Jacobson’s was a shopping tradition."  Article by Laura Sternberg click here
Label inside Joe Bill Miller, made in USA

Label is also Joe Bill Miller, price tag attached $125. marked down to $85.

Label Toucan Collection, New York
  Three hats, two hat boxes.  The first and third hats were in the same box. There was one loose price tag in the box $65. Both tags were Jacobson tags.
 The middle hat looks peach but it is really pink. LOVE that pink!  It's been gloomy days here and no good light for photos.
 Oh don't I LOVE these hats !  Perfect for weddings, garden parties, church. Vintage and beautiful !   So tempted to keep them and add to my hat collection.
  Do you love hats?
Visiting with Kim and wow us Wednesdays 
and the fabulous Pinkies with
Beverly at Pink Saturday and the grand ladies at Ivy and elephants
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Guernsey Girl said...

If you want to get ahead - get a hat! That was the headline for one of the first women's page stories I wrote back in the sixties. It's still true, don't you think? I can honestly say, Francie, that your posts always add a ray of sunshine to my day....

LV said...

Never was a hat person, but think they look nice on others. Several ladies in my church still wear them.