Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday Show and Tell.....

There isn't really any way to show you all the moving and shuffling and pushing and cramming I've been doing. The cottage shop is only two large rooms and because it is an old Victorian cottage there isn't a lot of wall space. Plenty of windows and doors and fireplaces :) . My office and work space is in the kitchen and then I do have a bit of storage space but I have to make do with the two rooms for the goodies.
I love love love lots of silk flowers and am especially fond of the hanging wisteria. Wisteria is such a romantic flower and just screams Old South....and roses. Oh my love the roses. So while it is time to get ready for fall I won't put away the wisteria or the roses. I am so tickled that it's my cottage and I can do what I want to :) .

Soooo I got out some fall and started. My usual way is to haul everything out and set it sorta where I think I want it. I try to get the stuff out and then once that is done I'll start "tweaking". I know I've got a lot of "tweaking" to do but it will get there. I start in the front room because that is the first thing you see and also the one that is more country.

The stove display was a piece I bought for my daughter but she has no room for it in her new off to the cottage! I had to move two large heavy cubby shelves to put it against that wall and I hadn't really gotten it set up yet and it was time to change it. I think my jelly jar candles and pie candles will look really cute on there.

Soon the next room will get a once over and I'll share those pictures with you when I get to it...but it will be a while yet.

Right now the cottage smells of orange, apple, spices and cinnamon...mmmmm mmmm mmmm. Our computer guru came to fix my computer and he told my SweetiePie that he would be happy to work on my side of the cottage any time it smelled so good. I never get tired of hearing that and it's how the cottage came to be named. Even my returning customers always remark on how wonderful the little shop smells. It makes it a very happy place.

So that's my Monday show and tell. Thanks for stopping by...and remember if you leave a comment you will be entered in the August giveaway.

My wish for you: May you always have things just the way YOU want them. (())


Rosie's Whimsy said...

It's looking great! This is the second blog I've visited that have started their fall decorating. I am officially "in the mood"!

Cathy said...

Hi Francie,

Hi sweetie. How is it going? I can't wait to see you in September.

xo Cath

Heaven's Roses said...

Looks great. What a challenge it must be to fit fall in with the grace and beauty of your cottage look. But you did it girl!!!

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Francie, You have put me in the mood for fall. Now I want to get my things out and decorate. I can smell the cinnamon from here! Just beautiful, and what fun to have a cottage like that. Have a wonderful week!

lisa said...


I can almost smell the turkey roasting. I love fall and you have captured the very essense of the season in your Scented Cottage. I love all the beautiful items and that stove it 2die4. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with us.


Silena said...

Hi Francie,
Your little cottage is just fun to have your own shop. Have fun decorating for fall!!

Carolee Crafts said...

Just beautiful and to be able to do it as you want it. Not much space is not a problem as this it makes it more cottagey

PG said...

Hey, my sweet scented floral friend! I am going to write to you sooooon...what gorgeous displays, and wisteria is a 'Cotwold cottage' flower too. (The cottage next to ours is called Wisteria Cottage, and used to look beautiful, but the numptys who moved in four years ago hacked it back so badly it hasn't flowered since...can't say I blame it).

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Francie!!

OOOH I absolutely looove the pictures! You did such a beautiful job displaying all those lovely pumpkins and the lights look wonderful! Hard to believe the fall will soon be here. I'll be writing to you later this morning about the trip. Hope you have a fun day pinkie!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Susan said...

I just connected you to Cottage Scents from Lynne's and CB...duh...but the pics put the 2 together! What a hoot!!!
Love the should post the rest for the crowd at Lynne's! You know they love pics!
Susan *dutchrose*

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Francie, I love your cottage and what you have done in it! Beautiful vignettes!
Hugs, Karen

Cottage Flair said...

Everything looks lovely. Fall is just about here, hard to believe. I bet it smells wonderful. Customers always comment on how nice it smells in our shop too.

Beloved Creations said...

Oooh, I love everything, especially those bottles in the wire rack.

gail said...

Hi Francie,,, your cottage is just beautiful. I love all of the fall pumkins and wreaths. The stove is just too cute. I love the fall, its by far my favorite time of the year. Now that I am all settled in my place I have put out my special gifts you sent me. I love the linen spray. The "nest" pincushion is adorable on my sewing machine. The little crocheted teapot coasters are too cute on my coffee table. (but way to cute to use. lol) luv gail

Michelle M. May said...

I just love your cottage Francie! It looks so cozy and I can just imagine those yummy scents floating through the air. The little stove is so charming!
Have a great week!

Shabby Shan said...

I love all the fall stuff! It makes me want to decorate! Thanks for sharing your lovley cottage with us.
Have a nice day,

Inka Thomas said...

I can just close my eyes and smell it now!!! I love the apples in your shop too!!!


Hi Francie,
Just loving the fall decorations at your shop.!!! I put some fall stuff on the mantle this weekend. Just seems to be the time to get the stuff out. Thanks for sharing the photos of your shop.
Warmly,Deb :)

Debbie said...

Okay....that does it! I definitely have to make plans to come visit you....your cottage is just adorable and you already have signs of autumn....I am sooo ready for autumn this year!


Shabby in Pink Boutique said...

Wow~ Just BEAUTIFUL! Hope you have a nice day!

cathy said...

How pretty! I'd love to visit that cottage!

Patricia said...

Francie, I love your shop. That stove sure is to die for, wow. I keep looking for a little one so I can replace the woodstove in the kitchen with it. But I love it all, would enjoy browsing and sniffing for sure.


Susie said...

Hi Francie! Ooh I can almost smell those lucious scents from here! Your shop looks like one I would want to frequent again and again.
The Polka Dot Rose

K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Wow Francie! Nice job, it looks just beautiful and I can almost smell the apples!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Theresa said...

Oooh Francie,
You put me in the mood for Thanksgiving. What a happy shop. I long to have my own space too. Well, God willing, you know. In the meantime I will be content to look at your beautiful shop.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Bebe said...

Hi Francie,
The shop is coming along so nicely ~ I know how hard you've been working on it lately. That Hoosier cabinet is so pretty; you did a real makeover with the flowers and wreath giving it that Autumn feel. I can't wait to come visit over there one day soon!
Lots of hugs, Bebe :)


Hi Francie,
Thanks for visiting me and for the prayer for Kailee and me. Yes, I do think it's harder on the Grandma than my daughter when Kailee goes to school. Happy Wednesday.
warmly, Deb :)

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Francie,
Love your cottage store, I soo wish I could come and visit. Please, keep posting pics it’s so fun to see and inspiring too!
Have a great week!
ps. Thanks for visiting my blog

sita said...

Wish I could smell through the computer! Sounds delightful! Love your setup, wish I could visit sometime.


Vallen said...

It all looks like a wonderful place to hang out. What a marvelous job you do displaying the goodies.