Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Friday...Vintage Linens and an Anniversary

I hope you will all celebrate Pink Friday...Vintage Linens with the participating shops at Make Mine Pink. Just click on Vintage Linens above and you will be taken to the participating shops.
Since this is our 26th wedding anniversary my Sweetie and I are taking most of the day and going into the "Big City" for a day of shopping and eating.
My wish for you: Many happy anniversaries and days filled with fun.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Have a Grand time in the Big City. Eat something wonderful!!! Something decdent. Something memorable. Anniversaries should always be delcious.

Dancing and throwing Confetti,

Karen said...

Your blog is lovely and Kevin Kline singing in French is a delight.

I'm bookmarking you so I can find you again. I found you by way of Devonia's Blog.

Susan said...

I have a bottle just like that. I've been collecting for my beach cottage for about 3 years. Now if I could only get the cottage. I've got practically everything to decorate it.

Have a great weekend!

Rosa said...

Love that old sprinkler!

Rosa said...

Ooops, and happy belated anniversary!