Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Week....

Twenty-seven years of wedded lie. If anything we are happier now than we were then and we were both pretty happy. Oh guess I should explain why my SweetiePie is sitting down. He was on his way from San Diego to near San Francisco on his motorcycle to our wedding. A car didn't see him and took him down. He was in the hospital for some time but I had no intention of letting him out of a wedding. He was still on crutches and couldn't stand for any length of time. I didn't care if he was flat on his back the wedding was going on ! So this week is filled with lunches and dinners out, with the special one being on Friday the actual date. So, I will take the week off from blogging and report back on Monday next.

Please leave a comment and I will add you to the list of entries to win the tealite teacup, number chosen will be posted on Monday.

Until then my wish for you: Many years of wedded bliss, may they get sweeter as they go by. (())


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! My dear hubby and I are working on our 24th.

Cathy said...


Happy Anniversary my sweet friend and thank you for the compliments on my Wedding photo. But seriously, I don't look anything like that anymore but boy I wish I did.

Enjoy your week celebrating sweetness.
xo Cathy

carma said...

This is awesome. I love to hear that you are both so happy after that many years together. Enjoy your special week :D

The Redhead Riter said...

I have an award for you at:


Penelope said...

Happy Anniversary! Welcome to SITS!

Anonymous said...

Hope the anniversary was absolutely wonderful!
Stopping by to give you a warm welcome to the SITStahood. We are so glad you could join and look forward to seeing you around!

Mercedes said...

Congratulations! I hope you all enjoy yourselves.
Welcome to SITS! We are excited to have you!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Happy Anniversary Francie! You look so cute and YOUNG in that pic! Have a great weekend!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Happy Anniversary Francie! Many more happy years to you both!
bunny hugs,

Mandy said...

Happy Anniversary!! I'm with the "Welcome Wagon" with The Secret is in the Sauce and we just want you to know how happy we are that you joined us! Welcome, welcome! You'll love our crazy, fun group!:)

Jen said...

A fellow SITSta wishing you a very Happy Anniversary.

Dori said...

Happy Anniversary, Francie! Wishing you many, many more sweet years!

Janet Bernasconi said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FRANCIE!! oh what a beautiful picture of you and your sweety pie. It's so nice that you are happy as a clam. That's what I call true love. Hope you are feeling good pinkie and all is well. I have been so busy creating during the summer and now getting ready to take my kids to their first day of school tomorrow. I will miss them,but at the same time look forward to some quiet
Have a wonderful and happy week pink sis!
Love ya lots,
Janets Creative Pillows

Anonymous said...

Happy 27 years!! I will be 29 for us in November! It doesn't seem like it has been that long ago we said "I do"!!!

Hope your Tuesday is going well. WE had our chat and coffee and bread distribution today- always enjoy Tuesdays though they take the energy for the rest of the day.

How is your back doing? Hope you are taking it easy!