Monday, November 16, 2009

...and the Mondays keep on a comin' !

... and let me say I am thankful for every one of them! Even if they do seem to get here much too fast.

The next two weeks will be very busy ones, getting ready to do a Holiday show "up Nawth". It's a show I used to do many years ago when we lived in S.C. My daughter lives there now so we are combining a visit with the show. We have so much fun together I am really looking forward to it.

Last week I worked on some displays. What you see in the photos are the makin's of one and the almost finished project. Years ago I found the sides to a wicker cheval mirror. Brand new that someone was tossing out. I just knew I would find a use for them some day :). Last year during the seasonal after Christmas sales I got a bunch of baskets for about a dollar each. I decided to make a standing basket display. All I needed were some hooks and a bit of paint. Added the hooks to the wicker sides and hang the baskets on them....easy easy to put together and to take apart. You could do this easily using a bit of wood for the sides and bottom of the stand.

Next Monday I'll show some of the goodies I'm takin' to the show. The Scented Cottage started with the candles I made ... pies, cakes, cupcakes etc. Very popular in the South because we loooooove our food, real or not LOL.

My wish for you: A wonderful week you get to savor.


Sandy said...

I am spending a little time this morning finding interesting new blogs or revisiting some of my favorites. I am getting ready for a holiday show in my home! Too much to do!!!

Mr. Flannery said...

Good idea Francie. Simple and only minimal tools required.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Aren't you the clever one, Ms. Francie! I used to do church and bazaar shows when my children were small. They are a lot of work!! Happy Wednesday. xo

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Francie!

I have not forgotten you! lol Just a busy bee lately. Hope you are enjoying getting ready for the holidays. You always have the cutest things to share with us. How are your adorable kitties? Visit me anytime my friend. I always look forward to hearing from you.

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