Show us your blues ! Etsy Cottage Style that is....

This Monday kicks off the new monthly "Show us your colors" on the Etsy Cottage Style blog.  The color for January is blue.  Now I am not a blue person, I will opt for green over blue any time but...I can't resist a teacup or shades of turquoise, blue green, teal etc.  When I saw this sweet teacup with the cottage scene on it there was no way I could pass it up, and I love that it has a little cottage inside the rim too.

The two little bags, well they are such beautiful blues AND velvet with nice long chains.  Can't you see them with a bit of bling added?  Mmmmmhmmmmm me too and as soon as I find the time.... :)
This blue wardrobe came from an aunt I never met.  Her name was EverLee Carlisle, she was married to my Uncle Nolan, whose real name was Sidney Ozell  (my family rarely called anyone by their right name) I met him once and he had the most beautiful blue eyes.  In photographs you can see they were a very handsome couple. They never had children and I have a few photos and a few small treasures and this wardrobe. It was blue when I got it and I will paint it.....some day.  I am a bit blue when I realize that after me, no one will remember my aunt and uncle and their last remaining memories will be gone.
   Do you have some favorite blue to share?
 Thank you for visiting, thank you for your comments  and thank you for your follow!


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MosaicMagpie said…
I am a blue girl! I have the eyes to prove it. Love the wardrobe!
Francie, I am not a blue person either, I would be hard pressed to show you any blue in my house. I can certainly see those purses blinged up! That is such a great wardrobe and the blue is wonderful, if you ever paint it you could do white and then sand it to show the original blue? You said you were a horder, I am a neat horder if there is such a thing. My son always says "Mom it is going to be a really big sale"...I think he means estate LOL!

hello my dear friend,
dont paint the lovely blue cabinet. it is a testiment to those past. i have shades of blue throughout my home for my hubby with the blue eyes. i had to have me a little brad pitt to wake up too. hah! dont i wish.
this should remain a family piece. it is fabulous.
cottonfieldfarm said…
Dearest Francie, Thank you for the comment on my blog! I do hope yall are thawing out and warming up some soon. Oh my, I like the blues. I used to be a blue person but not so much anymore, but the wardrobe is beautiful and would also look nice as Carol described it. Thanks for sharing!
God bless, Regina
Maria said…
love the idea of blinging up those purses, they would look fab! Love the tea cup and saucer too. I have always been fond of those that have inner decoration, little surprises everytime you take a sip of tea. The wardrobe is wonderful! Maybe a wonderful ATC with the current image is in order, before you paint it, with some images of that Aunt and Uncle too? I feel that sadness for you, the loss of someone's memory, but at least you remember them now. And since you shared this on your blog, several more people will remember them in a way now too.
Mya said…
That is a pretty cup and saucer, and I like the idea of the added cottage inside the cup.
I laughed when I read that your family calls people names other than their real ones. Sounds like a line from a book.
I too am trying to get back on track. I have just been busy with other things that I have to take care of.
Anonymous said…
Hi Francie!
Thank you for the visit and your sweet comments :) I really enjoyed reading your post about blue. The tea cup is so sweet. I too like them when there's a picture inside - kind of like a little surprise.
Well, have a wonderful week!
luluslovlies said…
Hi Francie, It is nice to meet you, I shall be your newest follower, your post is lovely and I like the teacup and wardrobe! We must have thoughts along the same line as I posted my Grandmothers china and all her children are gone and some of the grandchildren too, who will remember it and will they care?? That is a blue thought but someone who loves history and vintage stuff will, so you can enjoy and put some history of it on the inside of the door so one day whoever has it can carry your story. Well that is my take on your blue thought so now lets get Happy!! Change it or leave it but do take a picture then enjoy it, and remember when! Hugs Marilou
Char said…
Francie, thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your very nice comment. I just got back from a trip and so I am very behind. I think your blues are so pretty and love the cabinet. Of course the purses are a one of a kind and you could do so much with those. Very calming color, Char
Debbi said…
wow, that wardrobe is great! Thanks for sharing your blue!
I am in love with that wardrobe and how nice to have in honor of your aunt and uncle!

Dru said…
Love the wardrobe! They just don't make things like this anymore - what a treasure!
vicki said…
Hi Francie-
I found your blog through Deb's Heart Swap exchange -
I just have to say that I am in LOVE with that beautiful blue wardrobe - oh my gosh - I LOVE it!!!

So nice to meet new friends by way of Deb's exchange - I will be looking forward to seeingyour beautiful creation!

Sugah Beez said…
Gosh, the blue wardrobe is making me drool! Love the sweet velvet purses - they look very promising in the spirit of some girly alterations. Hope you are doing great! xxoo
Francie, just saw your heart entry over at Debbie's. It is just beautiful. Such a great way to meet new bloggers. Blessings