Monday, March 7, 2011

If you have a web shop, an etsy shop or WANT one....

I want to share with you a place I have had my web shop hosted for two years.  I was on a wait list for the front page for one year ... but it was worth the wait !    I know there are other sites out there but believe me not one can hold a candle to Shabby Lane Shops.  If you have never visited please take a peek:
Shabby Lane Shops    there are some wonderful shops there ... not just mine :))   .  
Why did I want so badly to be on Shabby Lane?   Welll there are a ton of reasons but let me share with you that the owner of SLS does so much for her shops, way above and beyond what you will ever get from any other place.    You more than get your money's worth.  SLS started a quarterly magazine and it is now in over 300 bookstores/magazine racks ... members are encouraged to write articles and all get advertising for a very low rate.  Our magazines have been selling quickly !   Fantastic extra exposure for all of us.     In the next issue I did an article/how to on the parasols I made for my Southern Belle paper doll.  
I hope you will check out the levels of membership and see what SLS offers, if you join you will be amazed at the opportunities and extras you will receive!
Right now there is a promotion of free 1000 business cards printed with purchase of web design or 6 month membership  -  and guess what...the renewing membership gets this opportunity too !    My sales are good ... and in this economy that is great !     Thanks for stopping by here, I really appreciate it and ya'll come back (())


Char said...

Hi Francie, my shabby Lane Sister!! Great article and I am so excited for the next edition, Char

Anonymous said...

I saw the SLS magazine when I was in Barnes and Noble last week!! It is a fun magazine to be sure! How excited you must be to get a project of yours in print!!

So glad your sales are doing well Francie. God has been so gracious to me with my booth sales too. I was one of very few who made their booth rental- plus I had a nice size pocket change too. God is good-

We are getting a big dumping of snow tonight! God is still good even though I am tired of snow!

bee blessed

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Mary Ellen that is wonderful! I am so happy for you...He is soo good to us for sure.
There are so many that don't have places where they can have a booth so Etsy or a web shop can fill that need. Thank you for visiting my friend (())

Graceful Rose said...

Hi Francie, My Shabby Lane Sister, I too am a member of Shabby Lane Shops and have been for 3 years. My website has been successful only because of Shabby Lane Shops. I too, have been lucky enough to have articles published in all of the SLS magazines which are now available in Barnes and Nobles and over 300 other newsstands. Itis exciting to be a part of everything that goes on there!

Jacalyn @ said...

Hey Francie~ who doesn't love SLS?! And what a great deal too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Francie!
Thanks for the visit. I think everyone needs a little Willy/Willie cat, don't you? Did I mention that Willy is short for Willy Nelson - lol! If you saw how he loves catnip, you would quickly realize he lives up to the name. We always include catnip in the garden (just for him) and lets just say, his behavior is downright embarrasing sometimes!
Have a great week!

DoanLegacy said...

I will pass on this info for friends who have etsy shops..Thanks!