Friday, June 27, 2014

Dress Form Painted

On my "to do" list was painting one of my dress forms to use as a flower pin/jewelry display. I have three forms and they are counter height covered with a cream fabric. The pins are made from vintage millinary flowers, vintage lace/fabric and vintage buttons/jewelry.

  I wanted to paint the form and then add a crinoline for the pins and use the top for jewelry.
I had seen some fabric spray paint and thought it would be a quick and easy way to get 'er done. I had a vision of a nice black top as a base. Well, sigh, we all know that usually isn't what happens.  The paint  would sputter and spit out big drops on the first spray. I did several light coats as directed and it turned out a dirty gray.  Wouldn't have minded the gray if it had been a pretty gray... but this had splotches and patches. Not purty and definitely not what I had envisioned.
After getting the first few coats on and not having much left in the bottle I decided I had nuthin' to lose so got out my bottle of black glitter paint.  Oh YES !  It worked beautifully.
 I'm tellin' ya, this DecorArt Twinkles is the best thing since cheese and grits. You can click on the photo for a good close up.
Now I had the black glitter top I had envisioned.  It was a very rushed day for me so I had to take the last photo at my booth and people were shopping it while I was trying to add items.  That isn't a complaint ! :))
Visiting with Ivy and Elephants  for What'sItWednedsday ..stop on over you won't be disappointed.
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New Jersey Memories said...

It looks very pretty.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Susan Clayton said...

Wow Quite the transformation! Love the pins too! Very pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

Jennelise said...

Beautiful! The flowers look lovely displayed on the dress form!

Melody Brown said...

Hi Francie!
That's so pretty. Thanks for stopping by.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Adorable, your flowers just pop! I would have never thought of black and sparkles too! Makes for a stunning display


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hi Francie..I hope all is well with you!! You are so right about the cost of the LED bulbs. I can get them at Ikea for $4.99...But Yikes still.