Sunday, January 25, 2015

Peg board signs/letters

Soooo, while there are plastic letters and numbers for pegboard, I wanted wood.  Here was my solution:
It helps to have some pegboard handy that you can use as a guide.  You can find wood letters, 3 in a pack, for .99. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
Gather letters, dowel the size of pegboard holes (1/4" is standard), paint, glue, glitter(unless you don't WANT glitter but I can't imagine you don't want glitter !), card stock, pen or pencil, paper punch. You will need something to cut the dowel with too.
 Take some card stock. Mark it by holding it up to the back of the pegboard and draw  circles where the pegboard holes are. Then paper punch out the holes. I taped two pieces
of card stock together with painters tape.  Next, line up your letters, face down and backwards, tops aligned to the top of the card stock. Draw the holes on the back of your letters where you think they will work best in the peg board. This is where you will glue your dowel pegs.
This is what I used to cut the dowel into 1" pieces.  I loooove this little chop saw. It's a 2" chop saw perfect for the smaller things you need/want to cut. Got this at Harbor Freight and it was around $26.00. 

The next thing I did was to paint the front of the letters. But you can do this after you attach the dowel. I used a glue pot to attach the dowel, but any good glue can be used.
 After gluing the dowels, I painted the back of the letters.  Then applied glue to the fronts of the letters and pressed them into the glitter.
 VIE OH LAH !!!! Letters/signs easily made for pegboard.  You can put them in straight or give them a little twist. You can buy letters for specific signs or you can buy several alphabets and make lotsa different signs.

 Ima headed up Nawth Tuesday, when I get back I'll take a picture of these at my booth. But for now, I am getting ready for a road trip !
Thank you for your visit and sweet comments, until next week,  ya'll bee sweet.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Francie....That is a genius idea for booths with peg boards...I have never seen it before and like you said you change it up for every holiday or saying you want...Smart girl!


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Love love love your peg board sign.
You are so creative, you think of the
best crafts!

Annesphamily said...

Francie, you rock girl! I love this idea. You are one creative little lady!