Monday, February 12, 2007


Welcome to The Scented Cottage®.....well, welcome to our blog :). The cottage shop is located in southeast Georgia in a small Victorian cottage. We hope to be a web shop soon, we have been procrastinating long enough. I have been working on the web shop, more or less, for quite a while now and plan to open in about two weeks. Of course, I have many wonderful (to me) plans but
there always seem to be things that hold up my progress, for instance those two sweeties pictured above. Meet Willie and Wynona. They were born July 10, 2006 to a feral mother.
There is a wonderful vet not tooo far from us that takes in kitties that are wild or abandoned, gives them all their shots etc. and then puts them up for adoption at a very reasonable fee.
Willie and Wy are Hemingway kitties, they have extra toes on their paws. But most importantly they are adorable.....and of course quite a handful! Whenever I sit down at the computer they want to be in my lap and/or climbing all over the keyboard or monitor. Now, that used to work when they were little but now they have grown so much my lap will barely hold one of them.
So, there you have two of my excuses for not opening in a timely manner. Please share your procrastination stories and stop back by for updates.


Tracey said...

I love your Blog title! Very nice. Cute kitties too.
Have fun Blogging!

vintagecollage said...

Congratulations on joining the blogging world. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for including me in your links. Debbie