Monday, February 19, 2007

Let the sunshine, let the sun shine in......

This morning my Sweetie let out a pretty loud "WHOOP" (very startling because usually the only thing that gets him that vocal has to do with motorcycles) so I had to go see if he had won the Lottery or what. Well, the weatherman said we would be hitting the high 70's soon and a predicted 81 on Sunday. I thought it was definitely something to whoop about. :)

Today I'm working on reed diffusers....having to do a bit of testing. I thought I had found the right formula for getting the fragrance oil to wick up, but it just wasn't good enough. I really think I have the right one now but won't be happy until each scent is tested and proven. I love the little glass boots and those will go in the Vintage/Victorian style section. Bit by bit by bit.....I am getting there.

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Oblique Angles said...

I'm a huge fan of reed diffusers. In fact, I've replaced most of my candles with diffusers. I find the scents more appealing; they're less of a hazard; and the scent lasts forever. Yours, standing in those boots, are simply adorable!