Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hello My Sweet Tea Party Friends....

Well, it happened...the 'puter at home finally up and quit. Pfffft. Kerplunk.Over and Out.Zip.Zero.Zilch. Sigh. The 'puter at the shop is waiting for on-line hook up so I am sitting in my SweetiePie's office. Hey, life is still goo...great! I enjoyed meeting or seeing everyone at the tea partys and while I had bookmarked all your blogs and they are now in 'puter limbo I will be able to go back and find each of them again once the 'puter is back in business.
It does mean a bit of a wait for me to send out the little sumpin' sumpins' though and as soon as I can I will contact the winners for their addresses and get them out...I am shooting for Tuesday and if the house is in the seventh moon and Jupiter aligns with Mars I know it will happen!
So look for me again on Tuesday if you will, cross your fingers, say a prayer and send me your best wishes....until then...
My wish for you: May you meet many wonderful new friends and have NO down time (( )).


OldBagNewTricks said...

Francie, you have put on a very brave computer woe face. I am so proud of you (I'd have collapsed in a puddle of computer woe tears by now.) Soldier on.


Debbie said...

Hi (((Francie))),

I'm sorry you are having computer problems...that is NO fun at all!

Your country tea party is so your apple dishes!

Pink hugs,

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

It would be like loosing and arm! Even while we were at the beach I was checking in with my bloggy friends.
I hope this is short-lived!

Sweet Remembrance said...

I hate puter problems...right now we're trying to clean up a virus...ugh! Hope your up & running soon...

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Francie, Amazing how we have become attached to our computers. When I have trouble with mine I literally go into withdrawal and I don't know what to do with myself. LOL Loved your Annie tea party. I don't know how I missed it but I am here now. Hope you are back up and running tomorrow. Hugs, Lynn

Farmer Di said...

computers can be such a pain...I need one for work & my main system does not support one of the programs so i use my laptop & send all my printing via the network...still a royal pain. Hope you are up and at it again son.

Diana aka Farmer Di