Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday.....

ahhh, it's Tuesday and things are on track....my home 'puter is in the shop and the techy things we need to get my shop 'puter on line are here and waiting for a techy to put them in, attach them, hook them up or whatever magic that needs to be done. I am really hoping to have everything restored, hooked up etc. by Friday.

IMPORTANT: I have the little sumpin's ready to go so if Angie from Scrappy Moments, Marie from Wild Rose and Dolly from My Cherry Heart will email me your addresses I will send off your little sumpin's.

Again I want to thank everyone who came to tea and left comments...I really had fun and enjoyed you all so much...and thank you to everyone who is sending me good thoughts and best wishes for my 'puter problems.

My wish for you: may your problems be small and your friendships be great.

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Wild Rose said...

How exciting! I've just sent you an e-mail Francie.

I do hope that all your computer problems are soon resolved.

Marie x