Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

When we finally get to summertime in the South and the heat and humidity reach really sweltering levels things really start to slow down. We close the little cottage shop, my Sweetie takes extra days off and all we really want to do is laze around rockin' on the front porch sippin' sweet tea. But the reality is we have an old house that needs a whole lotta work and we are gettin' slower and slower and everything is takin' longer and longer. So we continue to do a bit here and a bit there. Likewise I try to do a little bit of creatin' in the evenings and here are the latest in my "Just Faux Fun" treats.

I read on someone's blog that they just did not understand WHY anyone would want a "fake cake", they just did not get it. I remember the days of my childhood when you could visit any of my five Aunties and there would be some kind of goodie ... a coconut cake, red velvet or fabulous seven layer. There was always something beautiful and yummy on the sideboard inside a precious glass cake plate. With a faux cake I can have something that looks yummy yet won't need to be eaten before it spoils. For me the faux creations are little works of art and I love seeing them on a sideboard, buffet or in a hutch. They add beauty and color, sparkle and shine and make me smile. They help show off an antique or vintage cake plate, or the new one so pretty you could not resist. So I definitely get it. I think it is a "right brain" thing and people who are dominately "left brain" may have a difficult time "getting it" if they ever do at all. What do you think? Would you ever use a faux food creation in your decorating?

If you DO like faux goodies, leave me a comment and you will be entered into a drawing for a faux baby cake made just for you. Winner will be drawn on Friday next using Mrs. Glosser's Math goodies random number generator. I will then email you and find out what style of faux cake you would like.

Until next time, my wish for you: May your days be filled with sweet treats.


Craft Diva said...

Well, YES! I sure would...and to prove it, check out MY blog where I feature one of Francie's cakes!!! You make the yummiest faux treats, girl! w00t!

The Odd Sparrow

Jeannine said...

What a clever idea. Icing melts so quickly here in the Big Valley, CA. Or it gets covered with ants. So not pretty.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh Francie, Your creations are so pretty. And how could my sweetiepie grand-daughter play "restaurant" and tea party without her fake goodies. It's her favorite thing to do. I have some pretty faux cupcakes that sit in my china cabinet on a pretty vintage cake plate. I sure hope you get to keep the kitty. We took in a kitty that bullied our older cat too but eventually things worked out. That kitty is now going on 19 years old and still acts like a kitten. Happy day to you Francie! xo Lynn

Jacalyn @ said...

Personally, I LOVE your Faux works of Art! BTW, I long to be in the south, sipping sweet tea! Here in Western New York, it's been a rather cool summer!
Also, I can't find where to follow you. Let me know as I would be happy to! Feel free to follow me as well at

Lisa said...


I love your new faux goodies, they are beautiful.


gail said...

Hi Francie... Ya know I get the faux sweets! lol I love them and yes I decorate with them on pretty cake plates in my kitchen. I saw Carolyns too,,, sooooo pretty. Have fun and stay cool these hot summer days. Dont work tooo hard.
luv, gail

Graceful Rose said...

Hey Francie, I love faux sweets! I hope I win. I have a pink cake sitting on my side board in a glass cake dome. I get more comments on it. I used to do cake decorating so I made it myself. I wish I had the time I would do more. Maybe I will win yours. I will follow your blog. Please follow mine.

Graceful Rose said...
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Anonymous said...

I love faux goodies - they are also very good for the waistline!!
Would love to win one of your "sweet" creations!


Karen in Texas said...

I would love to be included for a chance to win your giveaway. It is a wonderful giveaway! Beautiful work!

Have a great day,

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your faux cakes look beautiful! I would love to be entered in your giveaway and thrilled if I won!


Caroline said...

I totally understand why anyone WOULD WANT some faux goodies. First of all NO calories!! Thats good enough for me. Let alone they are so pretty and would look beautiful on my buffet! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

Marilyn said...

I'm always in my right brain, and I'd love to be a part of your sweet giveaway! The cute treat would be a great way to celebrate our 32nd anniversary when my honey boy gets home from the hospital.

Bonnie said...

I adore the idea!! Of course...I have to wonder... does having a cake sitting on your sideboard make you want a piece of REAL cake more often? I don't think my hips could take it... :) They're beautiful, though and something I'd be proud to display!

A day at the Cappuccino Café said...

Francie, what beautiful faux treats! I would surely be the envy of all if I had one of these sweet treats on my table! Good enough to eat for sure =)

VintageCrafter said...

Oh my!!!What lovely goodies you have. I have the PERFECT place and cake stand for your lovely creation if I am lucky enough to win. I think your little eye candy creations ARE ABOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!

Debbie said...

I totally understand the faux cake concept and of course I would love to win one of your beautiful pastries! I hear ya on the sweltering southern heat....but you won't find me rockin' on the front porch....not unless we install outdoors central air conditioning....LOL

Sweet hugs,

TheTatums said...

Thanks for posting about this on Twitter! I love your faux cake. I would definitely decorate with faux food. I have a glass jar of faux lemons on my table right now. And this cake would last much longer than the home baked kind!

Come visit my blog, too:

Kath' said...

What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to have a cake made just for me. I love lavenders and roses too. I will follow you and check here often. Thanks and have a SWEET DAY... Kath'

Prim2Pink said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! I would love to have a FANCY little cake to put on display. I only make the real kind and they are never pretty enough to display just good to eat!