Thursday, June 13, 2013

For the Garden Room ....

Gettin' a few things made for the Garden Room at Town Square Gifts and Antiques, Douglas, GA.
This is a room I could just move into, green, lush, bubbling fountain, sigh.
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Lampshade, added chicken wire, moss, hydrangea, moss butterfly and a fairy wind chime. 
Cutting sprouter !

Birdcage can hang or sit, add a votive/tea lite, instant charm

Lampshade frame votive/tea lite holder, wouldn't this be pretty hanging from a tree.
 Pink wire shoe with moss and roses...

Then a few decorative accents ...  now I have a few more ideas to share later!
Visiting with the ladies at Ivy and Elephants , the Open House Party at No Minimalist Here,  and Pink Saturday with Beverly and all the sweet pinks ...  stop over and visit !
Thank you for your visit, your follows and your sweet comments.  I appreciate them and always try to return them.  Until next time, ya'll bee sweet and come back soon, heah?


Jemma said...

I love your moss too! We must be on the same wave length! Thinking shade and cool!

Maria dolores Lopez godoy said...

I love your blog, is very beautiful and wonderful. You are a great artist. Kisses from Spain.

This is my blog:

Guernsey Girl said...

These are just wonderful, Francie! I got up in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep and here I am enjoying your blog...What amazing talent you have. :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, everything you made for the garden room is perfect, i know I would love that room too!


jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

GOOD MORNING Francie, It is a beautiful morning and I had to shout it out. smile.

I love the moss covered "everything" A perfect garden look that anyone has to love. Very clever and so charming.

Our garden club just had a moss expert program and we made moss garden dishes. I need to share mine. it was the most fun creative thing I have ever done. I have to spray it several times a day to keep it growing and happy. I asked the lady who spoke to us about moss, how many times a day should I spray it to keep it happy? She said, "Every time you walk by." Yikes! I'm trying.

Gardening is a hard job for sure. Our club has over 50 members so that is a big help in the garden clean up days.

Wishing you happy days.
Love, Jeanne

Tabitha said...

hey sweet pea! just popping in...

LV said...

What unique ideas. You have done an excellent job on them.

dana said...

Oooooh....I love your creations!!! You've been a busy girl!!

HPS!!! Dana

bj said...

ahhh, so so pretty.
Happiest Pinks

LaVerne said...

The lampshades are wonderful! and the shoes are just the best your creations. Thanks for visiting Riverside Studios. Have a Pink week.

Tammy Jacksonise said...

Oh this is great, thank you for sharing it with us, amazing, thank you :))