Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Not much better than....

getting a box in the mail !
I love love love to web shop shop. It's easy, convenient and fun. I want to share a few of the items I've recently purchased with you. First, this wonderful recipe keeper from Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor.
She personalized it for me and inside there are pockets to put your own recipes in, recipe cards AND a recipe too. Debbie does these in many different styles. What a great, creative gift for a new bride, new homeowner, Mother's Day...well any occasion!
Along with creating these wonderful organizers you can find some terrific shabby and vintage items at the Cozy Cottage webshop. Debbie has a real cottage too filled to the brim with fabulous finds and has photos of it on her webshop AND you can shop from those photos too...just like you are actually there in her Cozy Cottage. Hmmmm I may have to hijack that idea....
Next look at this delightful pillow
! Isn't it just the bomb? When I saw this on the webshop I knew it HAD to be mine. I held my breath hoping it wouldn't be sold before I could snatch it up..oink oink. I love love love yellow roses and the oh so clever Janet at Janet's Creative Pillows
made this pillow with real silk flowers and then a wonderful bit of embroidered fabric for the vase. If you are looking for a special pillow you can not beat Janet's Creative Pillows. I love this pillow! You won't be sorry if you go take a peek at some of her work.
Then I saw and HAD to have this precious little lamb planter...I sort of kind of collect lambs, rams, sheep. They have to be special and this planter truly is. It is sitting in my workshop and every time I go in there it makes me smile. I was so pleased with the service I got and how carefully this little treasure was packed. Go visit The Roseberry Cottage
to see the delightful treasures Carol has to offer.
I am soooo pleased with myself and the precious treasures I got. I loved opening each box and seeing the way each shop had packaged my item. The only time I have more fun is at Christmas or my birthday.
There are more fabulous webshops I've visited and purchased from and I hope to share some of those with you later on.
Thanks for letting me share my happy dance with you!
My wish for you: May you have many happy surprises and delights coming your way.


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

...except getting sweet little comments from friends on your blog! =0] Thanks for your well wishes Francie, but I have such a 'restless' feeling....like maybe I haven't quite hit my niche product yet.....I don't like this undercurrent, but I'm treating it as motivation....=0/

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Francie, Those are some fabulous finds from those sweet MMP girls. I love online shopping, too--saves gas and time! You did good, girl!

Pink MMP hugs, Karen

Debbie said...

(((Francie)))....you are just the sweetest thing to post about your recipe keeper on your blog! I am so glad you like it. :) I agree, web-shopping is the best....and all of my experiences with the Make Mine Pink girls have been wonderful ones.

Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor

Theresa said...

Ooooh Francie,
How sweet to feature other artists on your blog, it really shows how much you love your purchases and their work. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog (IRS comment,too funny). Kevin Kline, La Mer, ooo-la-la. I love French Kiss and watch it alllllll the time. One of my favorite lines "It was too beautiful for me I had to leave". (Kevin Kline regarding the beautiful countryside.)
A Bien tot,

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Francie...I love all your goodies! I will have to hop on over and see what kinds of things I cannot live without!

PS~ On Friday I will be posting my 200th post Giveaway....see you then!

Cathy said...

Hi Francie,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful treasures with us. You are so right about the MMP ladies. Each and every one of them are incredibly talented and you picked out some real lovelies.

Hope you are enjoying your wonderful weather.


gail said...

Hi Francie, what a nice post. What great things to find in the mail. These girls do fantastic work. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day...pink hugs, gail

OldBagNewTricks said...

Francie, such spiffy finds you have found -- charming, darling, punched with personality. You find the best stuff and then sweet little you shares it with nosey ol'us -- you're the best!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

You really found some nice things. I love to shop on the net too! It is sooooo easy. Renea