Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Show and Tell Mondays

One of the boutique members at Make Mine Pink, Kathleen from Set To a Tea
came up with the idea to do Show and Tell Mondays. We would show what we were working on etc. Well, since sometimes I struggle with what to post I thought that was a great idea. Umm, but then I realized I also struggle with ADD and jump from one thing to another like a man on an itchy tree...LOL. Was that really a line in an Elvis song or is that one of those lines that get mis-interpreted like the line in God Bless America...."stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from a bulb" ? Oh I love that one !!! See, I digress. So, what I was working on were these two paintings...they are about 8 x 10 and I started them but now I am on to something else. I have dug out the stuff I need to make faux food because I told some sweet friends I would make them some...and if I hope to have it ready by Christmas I must start it now !!! Oh, I'll eventually get back to the paintings. Ummm, and yes I know it's not Monday. I sorta got distracted.......
My wish for you: May nothing distract you from your Bliss !!!


Vallen said...

The nest drawing is sublime!!! And however you got to Monday Show and Tell it was enjoyable. And Le Mer - Ooooh-la-la the perfect soundtrack for the journey

Debbie said...

Francie!!! I didn't know you were an artist....I mean, of the paintinga kind! You are just full of surprises. :) Can't wait to see these when you finish.


Aunt T said...

Francie - I can't wait to see your finished paintings either :) Oh how I wish nothing distracted me from my Bliss :)



BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Francie....I love those lil paintings! I am working on NOTHING right now...LOL...just trying to get through all the school stuff right now...hopefully I can start a new project next week.

Sharon said...

Francie I've been cloned, when did you take over my life? We must be related because I'm still working on an Easter swap, well you can hardly consider it working when it's been sitting on my bench for weeks untouched. She might get it for Christmas.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Francie, I'm so glad I have such pleasant company! lol Honestly, I believe ALL artsy types have ADD to some degree....I don't know of a "maker" yet who doesn't have about fittyleven projects waiting to be completed. ;0] Thanks for stopping by my spot....it's always good to hear from friends! xoxo

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Now Francie you never told me you were an artist too. And you know I just heart that nest painting. xo Lynn

Christine O'Brien said...

Francie! I love the painting.
I'm sitting in bed blogging and Shabby Hubby is trying to sleep. So when I clicked on your blog and he heard La Mer, he asked me "Who is that?" and I told him it was your blog. He asked me to ask you if you put that song on just for him. ;)
He says "Hey Francie!"

Can't wait to see your faux pretties.
As soon as I get some more bubble, your pretties will be on their way.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love your sweet little paintings. You make me think of one of my best friends, the Funky Art Queen, she is sooo easily distracted. I love her, she is so fun to be around, she makes me laugh. I can't believe you have had a new sewing machine for over a year & have never used it! That's amazing or ADD at it's best! LOL!