Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Found Goodies and SweetiePie update

Here are a few of the goodies I found on my last trip...you know ...when I went "up Nawth" past Atlanta? In the first picture only one of them is "new", the others I have had for some time. I love the way the potpourri looks (and smells) in them. Whenever I get roses I dry them and then put them on top...soooo romantic. (Can you tell yellow roses are my favorite?)

Next look at those wonderful English tins! Very old and very pretty. Then a few glass items that I just couldn't resist.
Ohhh and three more pieces of milkglass! One of them is paneled grape (I know it's difficult to see), but it looked like it had been in a fire. Cleaned up it looks pretty good.
There is more and I will share later.

As for my SweetiePie, he calls every night and is having a great time. Last night they were in Oklahoma. It is so good to hear how happy he is out on the "open road" carefree as he can be. He works so hard I am happy he is getting a chance to play.

My wish for you: May you get some wonderful, carefree playtime!


PG said...

I am so glad your sweetie is having a great time, after his sterling work firefighting. (I like to see mine playing cricket, as he finally relaxes then). Such lovely treasures you have there, I've never seen milk glass before.

Aunt T said...

Oh that milk glass is my favorite :) My grandmother was given a piece of milk glass every year for her birthday and Christmas from her boss. The day of her funeral my grandfather asked me to pack it all up and take it home as she always wanted me to have it. I have some of her favorite pieces displayed but I also have shared some of the special pieces with my sisters and niece for their birthdays.

Glad to hear that your Sweetie Pie is having such a wonderful time.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, Francie, it looks like you had a grand time "Up Nawth." I could have just trailed behind you, peeked over your shoulder at each selection. I love the biscuit tins. I spied my first one of those at an estate sale when I was ten. It was a .25c... um, times have changed.And who doesn't love the milk glass -- it's so appealing.... what I love are those shakers... I want to put cinnamon in one and seasoned salt in another.... and powdered sugar.

Yellow roses are also my favorite... I once broke up with somebody who kept bringing me roses... but never yellow ones. Hmph, don't know who he was dating, but it wasn't me. LOL I'm like that.


Vallen said...

I can never decide which color rose I like best. Just give me a big ol' lovely scented one and I'm happy.

Debbie @ Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor said...

Beautiful, beautiful displays!!! Love your blog and your website!

Your MMP Sister,
Debbie @Cozy Cottage Gifts & Decor