Time Just Getting Away from me....

Sometimes there does not seem to be enough time and I find it getting more and more that way as I get older. Last week was filled with Veterinarian visits...one each for Willie and Wy to get their yearly shots and one for a kitty that adopted us.

We would go on the front porch and this little black and white kitty would come up to the screen door and well, wail at us. Poor little thing was skin and bones so I gave it some food and it would eat and cry, look at me, eat and cry. What else could we name it but Waylon?

We didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, just that it was sooo sad to see the condition it was in. So we scooped Waylon up and off to the Vets Waylon went.
Turns out, Waylon is a she. She got her shots, a bath and neutered. She has had to stay for almost a week and we are getting ready to bring her home today. I am hoping that Willie and Wy will adjust to her and am only worried because Willie is 18 1/2 lbs., Wy is 16 and little Waylon (Wailin' :) ) is about 3 lbs soaking wet.

We were not looking for another kittie. We really didn't WANT another kitty. The Vet called me and said "She is SUCH a little sweetheart." Sigh. There is always room in your heart for more love, don't you think?

My wish for you: May there always be room in your heart for more love and may more, much more, come your way. (())


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Debbie said…
What a sweet blog post....I'm glad you are adopting little Waylen (Wailin') into your family....at only 3 lbs. she needs all the love she can get!

Love your garden pics from last week....is that your garden? Beautiful!!!

Theresa said…
Thanks Francie so much for your kind words on my blog. We all know that you are the Queen of Sumpin' Sumpin'. I hope Wailin' Waylon fits right in with your other kitties. I just bet you have always taken in the strays - animals or humans, lol.
Have a beautiful blessed day,
Theresa @ Cottage Violets
Oh Francie, Waylon (perfect name) found exactly where she belonged! Can't wait to see her picture. Happy and sunny weekend! xo Lynn
gail said…
Hi Francie,,, thank you so much for stopping by:) I am so happy you are getting your little Waylon. I know she will be sooo happy. That situation has happened to me 8 times now. They now to come to my door, i always have enough love. I love hearing these stories of other sweet people who open their homes for little sad furry people who want love.
Have a pretty weekend. luv, gail
Angie said…
Oh, I wish I was closer, I would love to have her. She is so cute!
Craft Diva said…
what a sweetie little wailin' is...as are her big brother and sister. she is a lucky little girl to have a mommy to care for her.
jamjar said…
Oh that is so sweet, Waylon knew the right door to choose, she knew there was love waiting there for her.
Oh my...I'm not a cat person at all, but it's such a good thing you are doing by taking in the little one. Seems she knew to come to your house.
PG said…
Oh bless you Francie, for giving her a lovely home - if I were a stray cat, I would think myself lucky to be adopted by you - hope your gingers don't bully her, ours can be terrible thugs sometimes. She looks so sweet!
Hi Francie! What a sweet story...I just KNOW Waylon will be right at home with your and your other fur kids! xoxo Andie
Anonymous said…
What a cutie! Yes, there is always room for another kitty. They'll all adjust just fine. :)
Ahhh...I too have a soft spot for animals in need of homes. It sounds like Waylon has found a loving home.
Oh my gosh....you are hilarious! WAYON....sooo funny! I totally believe that rescued animals turn out to be the best ever. I think they know they've been saved....I've had several myself. Congrats on your new family member.