Friday, May 7, 2010

Mermaids Welcome ! Everyone else is

welcome too ! The wreath is done and listed on the webshop under a new category "She Sells Seashells". Hope to add more products to the category this week end but at least there is a good start.

We are finally having our Southern weather...mid to high 80's and I was so cold this past winter that I am not going to complain! Willie and Wy are enjoying the kittie door we put in so they can go out on the front porch and back whenever they like and I don't have to get up and down :)

DON'T FORGET !!! the give away of your choice of mini yard longs if you are a follower of my blog. And now you have TWO chances because I am participating in the Cottage Charm giveaway for another mini yard long of your choice! Mrs. Glosser will be choosing at the end of the month and we will tell you about the next goodie to be give away. Until then, my wish for you : A beautiful day at the beach or at the very least some fun in the sun. (())


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Francie, Yes please do join in on the cottage give away fun. I think last year there were 78 some entries in the end and I met lots of new blogging friends. Sunny days for you too. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather wise and I have a full day of treasure hunting planned. xoxo

The Polka Dot Closet said...

She sells sea shells is soooo cute. I was thinking about the cottage give away and I think I am going to head over there now!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Francie!
Welcome to the guest list for the 2010 Where Bloggers Create party! I think we are going to have such a wonderful time soaking up all the inspiration!
Take care, and I’ll be in touch!

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