Pink Saturday .. .Come for Tea !

Happy Pink Saturday !

  Come to tea and I'll serve tea and petit fours on my "new" old tea set.
There are only 5 cups, but six saucers and dessert plates.
There are two little pitchers, one a creamer and I believe the other is for hot water for those who prefer weaker tea.

To see more wonderful pink, visit  Beverly at   How Sweet the Sound.   
"A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water."   Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you think about the "new" blogger interface? do you like it ? 

I'll tell you true I do NOT.  Just like Yahoo they took something good and easy and have made it a mess...well that is just my little ole humble opinion. :)
Thank you for your visit and your sweet comment...

                                                                     Ya'll beee sweet and come back now !


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Happy Pink Saturday Francie, I love your sweet pinks, maybe I can come to tea and we can forget about all the work and trouble they are causing for us:) I agree more changes with more problems, why can't they leave a good thing alone. I think they are just trying to keep up with "Joneses" as in Facebook, lol. They made a mess of things too:) Another new learning curve. Have a great weekend. Hugs Marilou
Well since I don't drink tea, I woudn't need a cup, so fill my saucer with sweets thank you.
Love this pretty chintz set Franci.
Happy Pink Sat.
Love Claudie
I hope my other comment went through. It's taking me forever to do this on my iPhone. It's not chintz, it's pretty roses. Such a small screen I have here.
This is truly the most beautiful tea set I have ever seen...honestly! I am jealous!
Boy am I with you on the blogger took me forever to figure the mess out and I still do not know how to get back to old posts to retrieve a link, etc. without opening a new window to go to my blog all over again....I would love to meet the idiot that figured this one up! Is this progress?
♥ Jil
Debbie said…
Ooooh don't even get me started on the blogger changes! I'm having a whale of a time just trying to keep up with blogs I read. I liked the other one JUST FINE thankyouverymuch.


OK, I'll simmer down like a good cup of tea and stop complaining. I love (really love) that set. It's exactly the kind of thing I like.
jeanne said…
Hi Francie, Love tea and your tea set is so pretty. It s interesting that the extra creamer is for hot water. It does make sense. Such a pretty pattern Francie.

I have heard other bloggers who do not like the change. Since I am on Typepad I haven't paid much attention. I do hate it when Typepad changes anything though.

Happy PS and weekend.
Hugs, Jeanne
LV said…
Very pretty tea set. My blog today sums up my situation pretty well. I doubt I will be able to figure it out. I ma not that blog smart.
Very lovely tea set, I'd love to have tea in such a beauty, the tea would probably be even better! Yep, we're like tea for sure...just wait til hot water is poured on us, ha!! Happy Pink Sat. too.
Very pretty!
I'm NOT liking the new format and had told them should too. They are asking for comment...
Deb :)
Susan said…
Beautiful tea set and china!! I love delicate pink rose china!
gail said…
Hi,,, I loved seeing your post. I am glad you are doing well. Everything is going pretty well and getting better every day! :) I havent had much time for creating and miss it terribly, but I will be getting some fun stuff done soon. I tried changing my settings like you suggested! Thanks! I love this pretty china, what a pretty pattern.
Have a great weekend! (()) Gail
hey doll. yes the new interface is ANNOYING>.. wish me luck going to a few garage sales this morning to find some pretties....big hugs
Linda P. said…
Do you know how much I wish I really could come over and have tea with my new sweet and funny friend, Francie? Oh, and I would love helping myself to some petit fours!!! Luvs 'em. I am going to go heat up some water for tea right this second, and I will pretend we are having tea together! I love your gorgeous set you have shown us here. Hugssssses!
chubskulit said…
Such a delight to see gorgeous pink every week, yours are lovely!

My PINK please come and see when you have time. Have a safe and happy weekend!
Melody said…
Oh Francie,
I love all your china pieces. Thanks for coming by. You said the same thing my Mom
Carolyn Robbins said…
What a beautiful set! Happy Pink Saturday!
Hi Francie Sweetie...
Oh what a gorgeous pink share this evening. I absolutely love, LOVE this tea set. Pack it in your suitcase sweetie, and we are going to head out to Paris.

I can see the two of us, sitting there sharing our tea. Just laughing and sharing stories and memories. Oh what a wonderful time we would have.

You had me at petit fours. Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry
Dori said…
Oh, such pretty china, Francie, and certainly just my cup of tea!

I agree with you about blogger, took me forever to figure out where to click to edit a post! I liked it just fine before. Can't quite see what, if any, the advantages of the new format are. Why "fix" what isn't broken, you know? pfft!

Love to you!
Holly said…
HI Francie~
This set is so elegant!! What fun! Don't you just love the genteel"ness" of the past? I do! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Belated Pink Saturday!!
Diane said…
Such sweet pieces and I love that pink!!
Francie you have the prettiest teacup sets I have seen anywhere. Just lovely. Wish we could have a cup of tea togther.:-) Hope all is great with you. I am just happy as a piggy that it's Friday. Love the weekends.
Annesphamily said…
Francie this is so beautiful! I love all these gorgeous tea pieces. HPS to you! Have a great week. Love the pinks here!
J.Rye said…
i love it.

Come and join my party Color Connection, it is also my PINK entry. I hope you join the fun.