Friday, February 23, 2007

Love/Hate Relationships.....

Yesterday, at the Cottage Shop, I couldn't wait to get home to the the shop we are on dial-up, at home there is some magical connection that super speeds things up. Imagine my frustration to get home and find the magical connection had been hit with a nasty spell that put it out of commission for several hours! Fortunately for me, my Fairy Godmother arranged for me to have some extra time this morning, I am doing a little happy dance...well, a little happy my the computer with the aforementioned magical connection. Sigh, I LOVE my computer.... I HATE that you have to have a logical mind and patience.....neither of which I have ever been accused of possessing LOL.
Now, I don't have too many love/hate relationships but another biggie is Big Lots. I LOVE to go to the Lots and I travel every inch of the store. Everyone there knows me by name, and I think they are always happy to see me...they say they are :) and since I usually help keep their inventory fairly low I think I believe them. I think those two things about cover the love/hate thing.....most things I love, not much I hate except dishonesty. Ah, that's a whole 'nuther page or two.
See that cute, cute, cute vintage stove (in case you were wondering what was in the picture)? It's an electric wax melter. Plug it in, put a wax melt on top, turn it on and in minutes the room will be filled with wonderful fragrance. This is one of my favorite melters.....okay, I love this melter LOL. It will be in my Vintage/Victorian section in the webshop, IF I can bare to part with any of them.
Even if today seems like an ordinary day, I hope that something magical will happen to you or that you will see the magic in the ordinary.

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