Wednesday, March 7, 2007

LOOK LOOK ! Oh have to see this!

Look at this .... aren't these bowls beautiful? Do you think this is for us? How lucky can two kitties get?

This is the beautiful kitty dinette I got from my friend Jenny, Old Bag New Tricks. As you can see Willie and Wy are really enjoying it. It's the purrrrfect height for them to eat from and it's extremely well made and very lightweight....not to mention it goes so well with my kitchen :) Much better than those ugly bowls we were using. If you have a pet that needs a bit of spoiling or if you want something well made and lovely to put in your kitchen check out Jenny's web shop. The link is to the won't be sorry I promise. And my wish for you is that you will always have pretty plates to eat off of.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, Francie, seeing this sweet dinette in it's new home, being checked out by Willie and Wy makes my heart sing!!!! And I love that they don't have ugly kitty dishes. They seem to like it, don't they?

Thank you,

Carol said...

Francie, those bowls are so cute! Love the kitties!
Come visit me!

PG said...

Your cats are obviously well brought up and can handle such delightful dining bowls, I"m afraid my bunch of thugs would trash it in days - so ugly bowls for them until they can behave better! That is a lovely set up though and what nice manners they have.