Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You may have noticed how beautiful my blog looks now. I am sitting up straighter in my chair and am feeling a bit prideful. Doing a little "isn't my stuff hot" wiggle. I used to think that creative people couldn't work both left and right brain, but oh how wrong I have been. The wonderfully creative C'est Chouette also made my blog beautiful and that takes a good bit of work from both sides of the brain. Thank-you thank-you my very multi-talented friend!

I have met a number of very creative, intelligent and inspiring women and have been blessed by each of them. You will find every one of the ladies under my list of Blogs I Visit and Love belong in that group. My wish for you is that you too will have people who will enrich and bless your life.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Francie -- you're right, this new look is wiggle worthy!!!! Your stuff IS hot -- Sharon did a dazzling job... it's breathtaking. And by the way, my life is blessed and enriched by you with your dazzling sense of humor which I prize above all things!

Nice blog,

Amy said...

Oh boy! I love it! what a wonderful new look...great job!

C'est Chouette said...

Goodness~ I didn't know I was using both sides of my brain~ I was just depending on my old fashioned Norwegian stubborness to get it perfect. Thank you for your kind words, your sense of humor and your friendship.~S

FrenchGardenHouse said...

You should be wiggling! It looks absolutely charming. I will come back later to read more.

I'm joining the tea party today, please come and visit, my little Claudette is pouring tea (when she isn't eating all the chocolates)

:) Lidy

Anonymous said...

Everything looks lovely, Francie! The polka dots are a very playful touch. :)

Vallen said...

Thanks for the honor of being included in that list. It means a lot. AND, I love the new look.