Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Technical Difficulties and other woes

Every once in a blue moon (thank goodness it's not more often!) stuff happens. This past week not only was I feeling a bit poorly but my home computer has also suffered from the dropsy and other undiagnosable illnesses. Whilst searching for my last bottle of Lydia Pinkham's Ladies CureAll I realized that I had forgotten to buy batteries for the camera so I could take more pictures....because of course the batteries died just as I was ready to snap some new ones.
Everything is fixable but just a tad annoying. My SweetiePie bought me batteries and will take the computer to the Tech College (which he LOVES to do :) ) and I am feeling better. So I hope to take some pictures today.
My wish for you is that your 'puter never gets the dropsies and you always enjoy good health!


Vallen said...

I never rains but it pours. Well, it will all be in the apst tense very soon.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh, NO, not the Dreaded Dropsy! But this too shall pass and you will soon be feeling Pink as Mrs Pinkham's Lady's CurAll and the camera will produce only picture perfects. My wish for you is good health and good cheer.

Aunt T said...

Oh dear. I hope that your 'puter and you are on the mend. It always seems to happen in threes and yours are up!


C'est Chouette said...

goodness~ sending good computer heatlh your way and many hugs for you.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

ughhh, I hate that! "has also suffered from the dropsy and other undiagnosable illnesses" thank goodness for your SweetiePie... you (and I!) are blessed to have such a helpful and kind one to help us through the rough spots.

I hope all is well, and you are doing well again. I love your blog, I'm glad I found you!