Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun Filled Week

Last week was full of surprises...look at this wonderful work of art sent to me by....The Art Lady herself, the fabulous Miss Jenny. There is no way a picture can do it justice (at least not one
taken by me). It has beautiful color, a precious photograph, fabulous charms, ribbons etc. and the saying is the first part of the first line in one of the South's favorite books Gone With The Wind... "Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it." (Something Southern women learn early in life, if you think you are beautiful then so will others.)
What a precious gift and I will treasure it you can be sure. It will have a special space in my studio as soon as I finish cleaning :)
I also received another gift but I will wait a bit to share that with you...want to let the friend who sent it rest up a bit and return to her blog.
Worked as often as I could on the bathroom and the tub/shower surround is almost's tiled except for a bit of the top border and is all grouted too. Have to do a bit of plumbing now, of course!
My SweetiePie came home and we had a date or two and caught up on what happened here and there...oh yes, it is soooo good to have him home!
Then, there was Queen Victoria's birthday and we went out to dinner Sunday and then she and I went shopping Monday all day and woo wee we wore ourselves out...and to think we used to be the Queens of shopping. Sigh.
That's a brief update for you and all I can say is it is hot hot hot here going to go over 100 today. I will probably just sit and sip iced tea all day like a proper Southern lady :). As I sit I am going to check out your blogs my friends and see what you all have been up to...
My wish for you: May you have a fun filled week full of surprises!


PG said...

Oh that is lovely!
I imagine you to be the epitome of Soutern graciousness Francie - we have grey skies and rain over here (well, it IS British summertime!)Good to hear your sweetie is home, that must be so good after two weeks. :)

Rhoda said...

Hi, Francie, just stopping by to say hello this week. Sounds like you are just trying to stay cool like we are. Enjoy your week & sip something cold for me too!


OldBagNewTricks said...

Well, shut my mouth -- I click onto your blog to see what mischief you are up to and ... I am so glad you like it. My wish for you, dear friend, is that your Scarlet Qualities serve you well.


Vallen said...

Seems like cleaning the studio space is everyone's goal. Good luck to you and I think you have inaugurated the cleaning spree perfectly - shopping, and dining and having a good time.
Jenny is a fabulous and talented friend.

Aunt T said...

What a beautiful gift - absolutely stunning. Can you sprinkle some of your cleaning dust my way. Our home has been severely neglected of late and I really need to tidy up a bit!

Do enjoy your iced tea dear friend and have a wonderful weekend.