Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

Hey ya'll....head on over to Queenly Things...there's a party going on ...Don't worry if you didn't
bring anything, I bet there will be plenty of gumbo and other delish things. I've been so busy I had to dig out Uncle Thibidoux's secret recipe to take. Believe me after three sips you won't care about nuttin' ..wooooheee! No need for cups, we'll just pass the jug around. Plenty sanitary I swar couldn't no germs live in thar LOL.
So crank up the Zydeco and head on over.

My wish for you: Some great secret recipe and plenty of good music to dance to.

disclaimer: while I am part French and my parents lived on Black Bayou we aren't Cajun...much to my regret....but we can still have great fun!


Erin Earls said...

Well it is a little early, but I will have a sip. Just to get my appetite going you know! Oh yes turn the music up!
Love Erin~

Karen Winch said...

hello fellow Georgia girl thanks for stopping by Junking in Georgia now I have found your blog I'll be by again to sit on your blog porch and talk Karen

Vallen said...

They loved us Francie. You set the mood for everything. Thank you so, so much!!!!

Christy said...

Great way to start the party! Thanks Francie. :)