Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Monday in July GiveAway...

Well July here is going out with a bit of rain...but on this blog we are going out with a bang! This is the last chance to enter our Monday in July give away. A number will be randomly drawn from the entries on Thursday night and the name posted on Friday.

The pictures are items I have in my web shop and are not necessarily indicative of what your free gift(s) will be. Please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear how July has been for you....unusually hot? exciting? did you take a vacation? Also if ya'll get a chance stop by my friend Lynn's blog...Heaven's Roses by Lynn she is really creative and usually has something good to share.

Until Friday then, my wish for you: May your days be filled with sunshine no matter what the weather.


lisa said...


What a lovely give~away.

It's been a little rainy here this weekend too.


Sharon said...

No sunshine for a week~ and not much predicted for this week~ ya' know last July I had entertainment as in Burly Boys on the srteet crew~ this year not so much. oxox~S

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Francie,

Weather wise, July has been kind to me. No more of the stiff humid hotness. Surprisingly I had some nice weather, sunny, sometimes rainy, cool weathers. July have been a very busy month for me, in terms of work, so I haven't been on vacation. Hopefully I can take one in Sept!

Pei Li

Cottage Flair said...

July has been a wonderful,crazy, busy month with family and friends. We finally got rain a few days of last week. We really needed it.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Hi Francie! I've had a typical FL July....lots of humidity, high temps, and rain every afternoon. I have also been truly blessed this month, in spite of forces working against me. I was granted one of my fondest wishes which was an embroidery machine. I got to spend nearly an entire week with Chris before he went on his current route. I even took a little dip in the pool with him, even though I don't swim a stroke! I received an email from my sister who wasn't speaking to me for whatever reason (still unknown). My good sister in law requested that I think about going on a business adventure with her. There's a nice roof over my head, food in the cupboards for us and our kitties, and we continue to attract pleanty of money. Life's pretty good in my neck of the woods sweet friend! =0]
P.S. You and your kind heart are the bee's knees! Luvins!

Susan said...

My July has been good news/bad news...good news~my shop is super busy~bad news~my BFF's cancer resurfaced...such is life...

Susan said...

July started off really hot...over 100! The last few days it's been warm but bearable...95 or under. Thank God for the coastal overcast that's been moving inland.

Summer is going fast!

gail said...

Hi Francie... I hope your having a great day. Thanks for having all of your great blog giveaways. I am so excited I won. Last week was a horrible and stressful week and you definately made my day! Thanks so much! (())pink hugs,gail

Craft Diva said...

let's see...july has been uber hot. it has been productive around the house, but not so much in my to get back to it! july has been lots of running around. oh...and july was company for me...a friend i haven't seen in a few years! yay! so all in all a good month.


Patricia said...

Francie, you have been so lovely with all these give aways. You've made it a very fun month!
I got to spend a week at my very favorite place in the world this month, Long Beach Island in NJ with my favorite people in the world my family. DH and I both celebrated our birthdays this month, so it was a fun time all the way around.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, sweet Francie! Well, count me in the giveaway. Thank you for leaving me a note. I know you come by & sometimes let me know & I appreciate it. That estate sale was really a moving sale, I think. It wasn't set up like the usual estate sales. Prices were really quite good. Lots of estate sales are TOO high, but this one had some great quality stuff. Lots of people were hauling things out of there. I had to be good!


K&E@forgetmenotdreams said...

Francie...You have the best give a ways! I was so lucky to win a couple of weeks ago! Your too sweet!
Forget Me Not Dreams

Inka Thomas said...

Hi Francie,
July has flown by for me. A lot going on. I know for you too. Enjoy the rest of the month.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Francie!! Thanks for being so sweet and visiting lil ole me!!! I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your summer!!

They call me Estatez... said...

Julycentr was hot and smokey here in central CA. We were able to escape the heat and went to the coast for 5 days. Sure wish I was there now!


Susie said...

Hi Francie! My July was magnificent. Even on the hazy, hot and humid days I forged on with a smile. These are the days I long for all winter. They are fleeting and I savour each 24 hour Summer day.
The Polka Dot Rose

ceekay said...

Vary pretty items. Hope I am not too late!!

Theresa said...

My July has been better simply because you figure into it. I love your quirky sense of humor and forthrightness. It is an honor to know you.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Joanne Kennedy said...

Here in CA July has been kind to us most days. Not to hot and no rain in sight. Though we could sure use some.

Places are busy now that school is out. Time is flying by this July.

I would be honored ot win your lovely giveaway. Please enter my name.

Also, I'm having a Christmas in July giveaway so if you have not entered yet come check it out and see if you are interested. I have a link to the post on my side bar.

I have you listed down on my blog too for your giveaway.


Hummingbird Chats said...

Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog. I would love to be part of your give away.
July has been a cross between hot, hot!! and storms with rain. But thats the south for you. hehehe
~~smiles~~ Katie

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Sweet dear Francie!

I can't even believe that July is almost over! July has been so wonderful for me. I admit that I haven't been able to travel,but just being with my hubby and kids is more than I can ask for. What better summer than to be with them and especially enjoying the blue skies and sunshine here in West Palm Beach. I have to say that you have a big heart to offer all these giveaways. You deserve one! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always a treat to hear from you pinkie sis.

Hope you have tons of sales this week and always.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Heaven's Roses said...

Love the angel vase, love your blog, love your ideas. Franice was kind enough to teach me about blogging and get me excited about it. Our weather is sooo hot right now here in KY. I think it was 98 yesterday with 100% humidity. The only bonus to the heat this time of year is that not even grass has the will to grow and we don't have to mow. School starts back here next week!!! Our summer breaks are short as we get two wonderful weeks off in October as well as March plus 2 weeks at Christmas. Our kids here envy those up north that don't go back until after Labor Day or so they say. Yet they are so happy about their first day of school. Dustin came home with his schedule last night and was immediately calling all friends to try and see if he had classes with any of them. Well Ms Franice, grab a glass of iced tea and keep doing a wonderful job blogging and inspiring!!! Hugs

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Francie, July for us has been hot, hot, hot and muggy. Today is miserable...close to 100 degrees....followed by more of the same for the rest of the week. So I stay hunkered down, down here in my basement studio....nice and cool. Sunday we had two big storms in one day. At least I didn't have to water the plants. xo Lynn

Vallen said...

July has the fastest days of any month of the year. They just fly right by. Here we are butting up to August . The weather has been gorgeous nice but not too hot with sun every day - pretty perfect, really.

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Francie what a lovely give-away!

July was a very stormy month. Lots of rain and hail. Many farmers lost their crops. Let's pray for a better August.