Sweet Petite and Itty Bitty ... Monday Show and Tell

The start of a new week ... may it be full of blessings for all! AND a new little give away, or maybe I should say an "itty bitty" give away. We have a sweet petite teacup and an itty bitty teacup and someone will get one of our itty bittys ... you know what to do ! Leave a little comment and Mrs. Glosser will chose the randomly generated winner.

Now tell me please, do you drink tea? If so which is your favorite? I love Earl Grey myself although lately I have been drinking a lot of green tea. Here in the South we love our iced tea so I've been making it to drink during the day. It's not at all unusual for people to have cold sweet tea or a "coke cola" for breakfast...along with their grits of course!

My wish for you: A blessed week and a nice spot of tea.


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Sharon said…
coke cola for beakfast!!! now you are talking my style! I love raspberry tea~ care to join me?
lisa said…

I am not a tea drinker. Only when I have a tickly throat then I love it with lemon and honey. Love the itty bitty teacups they are cute!

Dianne Hadaway said…
How pretty are those teacups!!OHhh, I want to win! I love that black one with the pink rose - just gorgeous!

LOL, Francie, I had to laugh at your "Coke Cola" comment. So true, though I say it even more Southern at "Co-Cola" and I'm one of those who calls all soft drinks Cokes and will ask you what kind of Coke do you want! And I do love my sweet iced tea too, but I do drink more hot tea now than I used to. I have some nice loose spice tea that I love and I enjoy the tea I make with my Keurig coffeemaker.

I enjoyed your blog today Francie! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!
Carolee Crafts said…
The cups are so pretty, thank you for the pictures.

Do I drink tea? well I am English my favourite is Twinings Breakfast Blend, strong with a dash of milk.
Cottage Flair said…
Such pretty little teacups. I love collecting different tea cups.
Debbie said…
Hi Francie...your itty-bitty teacups are darling! My favorite tea is Earl Grey, followed closely by jasmine.

Patricia said…
They are so adorable. I'm not a big tea drinker but have been trying to acquire a taste for green tea.

Susan said…
I am a green tea drinker...in a mug...nothing fancy here! LOL!
Susan *dutchrose*
PG said…
I could not function every morning without drinking a pot of stiff British tea, several mugs of it, and usually a couple of mugs in the late afternoon too. Nothing fancy, just strong and fresh. x
Hi Francie!

I was thinking of you too! My goodness you are so generous. You truly have a heart of gold. Love the mini tea cups. So cute!! Now who wouldn't want one? I have to say that I am definitely a tea drinker. It is my favorite thing to drink. I have all kinds of teas,but my favorite is chamomile. I guess because it is soothing. This is my last week of moving things to storage and then I will be with my parents temporarily until we find a nice house. Can't wait! lol
Have a happy day sweet pinkie!

Janet's Creative Pillows
Have to say I'm a Diet Coke girl! It's a must for breakfast! Your itty-bitty teacups are beautiful!
Sweet itty bitty tea cups!! I am an iced tea drinker...peach tea!! I pour a glass as soon as I wake up and keep pouring all day long...can't get enough of it!!

Hugs Sweet Francie!
Shell said…
Big time tea drinker. Love TAZO's Zen tea. Yummy! Love Earl Grey in the afternoon with my Kashi good for my tummy cookie!
gail said…
Hi Francie,,, how are you doing this week? Your always such a breath of fresh air!!! I love the tea cups. I have always meant to make minature teddy bears and put them in tea cups. I just love how pretty they are... Happy creating,,hugs, gail
Inka Thomas said…
Hey there Francie,
Oh goodie, goodie, gosh...another give away!!!! I love those tea cups sooo cute. Hope Mrs. Glosser finds favor with me again.

Gotta have our grits don't we?!
I love sleeptime tea in the evenings.

Aren't those tea cups the cutest.
Love all the tea cups. I do drink tea. I am on very restrictive diet and lots of tea is on it. I just found a spice green tea I like.

Shabby Shan said…
Hi Francie,
Those little tea cups are adorable! I am from the south so I like to drink ice tea.

Have a nice week!
Those are so cute Francie. I have always been more of a coffee drinker but do drink tea occassionaly. I LOVE the tea that we received in our swag bags from SBS Teas. Have you tried it yet?
cathy said…
Oh, those tea cups are so sweet. Makes me wish my girls were still little & we'd have little tea parties.
I drink iced tea year around too. In trying to be healthy, I make it half with green tea & half with regular Luzianne tea. Not bad at all.
Lorilee said…
MMM I love Earl Grey! Just the aroma is wonderful!
Silena said…
Hi Francie,
In the summertime I always have a pitcher or ice cold sweet tea...it's nice to serve anytime someone comes around to visit..I love to put a nice slice of lemon in it too. In the winter, a nice grey earl is good, but a chamomile can't be beat when one needs a little soothing! Now, about your itty bitty cups...they may be itty bitty but they are hugely adorable. Hopefully, lady luck will shine on me this week!!
Hi Francie,

I am a tea lover! My favourite is a bright rich ceylon, or it's also called Kenyan. Makes my day! I also like chocolate or vanilla tea.

Have a great week ahead!

Pei Li
Pink Slippers said…
Cute----I love all different teas. Hot and yummy.
Deborah said…
Yes, I do drink tea! You know I'm a Southern gal, too. I love sweet tea for breakfast! ...that would be iced, of course.

I also love Oolong!

Carrie Gonzalez said…
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Anonymous said…
I just found your blog with the pretty tea cups! I have a small tea cup collections hanging in my kitchen. It actually started when my Mom passed away and I got my grandmother's tea cups. I have added many more since then.

I started drinking tea in high school. My best friend mother's was English and she fixed tea from scratch with hot milk and sugar. The good memories - it was delicious. I don't really have a favorite flavor. I like all kinds.

I don't have a blog - yet - I drafting one up but it's not ready for publishing yet.

Tea Cup Lady
GardenGoose said…
darling little teacups.
hope you have a lovely weekend.
GardenGoose said…
darling teacups. oh my yes I drink tea! was born and raised in Florida and am a true southern gal. :0) oh yes..sweet tea with lemon slices..but when I want hot tea oh my....I like celestial seasons orange flavored teas and numi tea golden chai and lemon matte.
and its always best with some good Florida honey..either orange blossom honey or tupelo honey.
hope you have a lovely weekend..and thanks for the opportunity.
Elena said…
Oh these are so absolutely gorgeous. I love miniatures of anything .... It's so nice to have found your blog.
Elena :)